June 28, 2010

Blogger, blogger who's the fairest of them all?

That's right, your eyes are seeing A OK! Book Whispers has finally been revamped. You know how I kept saying I was going to get rid of my dark and gloomy theme? The time has come!

I feel bad about throwing out the smoke theme-those pictures took hours to figure out how to take. The allure of colors finally became too strong. So for those of you who were stopping by today, sorry! I was trying out all kinds of new looks and things with the layout. I'm not quite done yet I've still got a few minor things I want to jazz up. Namely my button!

So the cameo will be my "mascot" for Book Whispers. (Hm, can I call a cameo a mascot? Symbol?) That was originally the plan when I got the site up and going, but with me wandering off the intended course is always a must.

So some pointers . . . nothing much has changed besides the logo and colors. Though I do want to draw attention to the awesome navbar. Not only is it helpful, but it changes colors when you pass your mouse over it!! I am so stoked about that. It took a while, but who knew you could build that up from basic code with out Macromedia? I feel accomplished.

Also, the logo picture is another original Shera photograph. It was so much fun trying new poses out with the cameo, plus how different lighting brought our her beauty. Though it looked pretty funny with me crawling on the ground for a shot, or climbing a tree in the case of the logo shot. Just love taking photos! Haven't decided what photo I want to use for the button yet, so that may take a while.

Now that I've bragged and ranted, let me know what you think? You love it. Hate it. Let the thoughts out, I won't be hurt. Let me know if something is linked wrong. Do you see 3 columns or just 2? Love any kind of feed back you want to dish!

PS - It's been hectic but I will be getting back to my normal Quoting on Mondays!

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