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If you’re looking for more information about Book Whispers you’re at the right place, or if you want more on the creator—me—you’re at the right place too.
About Book Whispers:
For years I had been an avid Urban Fantasy reader, back when the genre was so small it didn’t have a name and people looked at you funny if you said you were reading a book with vampires in it. In fact, I’m not even sure if it was considered a “genre” at the time.
Amazon was my main outlet to share my reviews and keep lists of any books I could find for the genre. At the end of 2009 Amazon started to delete my reviews and lists, when they updated to the new “reviewing” system. So with that—and the fact that they kept deleting all of my 2-1 star reviews—I searched for a place to impose my book obsession upon others. After stumbling through a few weird searches I found my first book blog and it was all over.
While Book Whispers was mainly created for my love of Epic and Urban Fantasy, I still like to branch out. There are too many fun genres out there to explore to firmly stay within ones comfort zone. That’s why I’m also an adult and young adult reader—there’s not point letting “age” hold you back. I’m fond of Dystopian, Steampunk, a little contemporary (mainly YA), and recently some Historical Romance. Oh, we can’t forget Paranormal Romance—that goes hand in hand with Urban Fantasy.
Recently I’ve created a website to accompany my blog that just launched summer of 2012. The goal of the Book Whispers website is to help readers who are confused about the different genres and reading “ages.” Also I keep lists of books that go into each genre, giving personal descriptions and warnings for the series.  It’s constantly being updated so it never hurts to keep checking in on it.

(My Amazon account is still maintained, mainly for my more popular Guides and Lists.)  
About Shera:

Well I’m a 20-something girl living in her blissful world of books. I proudly admit to not being a born reader, but instead one who stumbled upon them quite by accident. One of my friends put my name in a drawing for the first Harry Potter book in 3rd grade. It was quite a shock when I won and an even bigger shock when I realized there were fun books out there. Soon I was making reading my main hobby and I never looked back.
Yes, I’m single. Very proud of it. (Oddly enough I have had a number of readers ask me . . .) I have my family of three cats and a herd of beautiful chickens. Two Beta fish who think they rule the world. Oh, and Curran my mighty turtle who thinks he rules the world.
Other random fun things about me:
  • Clearly I love media design, this whole blog, and the website,  were designed by me and I keep them updated.
  • Cooking and baking are passions of mine. (Or anything to do with food.) You’ll probably find me baking goodies more than anything else.
  • Guilty of being one of those green thumb people, and I love the warmer seasons.
  • Nature photography probably takes second place to my reading addiction.
  • Wait maybe my love for movies and TV surpasses photography? While I've fallen out of love with Anime and I'm a lot pickier about it, I have fallen in love with K-dramas and movies!
  • Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite movie. (Disney movie junkie!)
The best place to find me, besides here on Book Whispers, would have to be my Goodreads account. Honestly, I probably spend more time there then I do reading anymore. 

The Book Shelves:

When I was participating in the In My Mailbox meme I was asked numerous times to do a book shelf tour. So you can either take in the pictures, or check out my vlog tours of my personal library.
*Pictures coming soon.*