Team Werewolf or Team Vampire?

Among paranormal lovers there’s been an age old question that has long kept fans in an uproar. Baring witness to many of these fights and heated debates I decided to make something fun out of it. Of course, I’m talking about the heated debate of whether readers are Team Werewolf or Team Vampire.
While I won’t out right confess which team I’m on, I decided to go to the authors and make them answer the question. Not only is it fun to see which side your favorite author has sided on—it might help to end the age old question. Well, maybe . . .

Here's the question I ask during every interview:

For you personally, not your characters, between a vampire love interest or a werewolf love interest which do you prefer? (What team are you on? Team Vampire or Team Werewolf.)

First up team vampire! (No favoritism here, V comes before W!)

Gustainis, Justin "Oh, vampire – definitely. But not the sparkly kind. Someone once wrote that the vampire is the only one of the commonly known monsters that can actually have a conversation with you before it tears your throat out. And I’m a big believer in the fine art of conversation. Who knows – you might even talk him/her out of tearing your throat out."
Haines, Jess"Personally? Give me the hot vampire. Yowza!"
London,  Laurie"Team Vampire all the way!"
McFall, Kathleen
Clark, Hays
"Team Vampire, no question. We love dogs, so let’s just get that out in the open, but we never feel even the slightest romantic attraction to them. When they hump our legs, for example, we tend to make them stop. Also, fleas — enough said. Vampires, while they may look at us, salivating, as prey, they know a thing or two about pleasure and desire. Creatures that revel in hedonistic abandon and live, errr, un-live, to take pleasure from others don’t mind sharing a bit as well. Our Vampires, in particular, trigger all sorts of passionate feelings in humans even as they drain their blood. That’s why so many humans are willing to let themselves be parasitized — blood loss is a small price to play for earth-rattling orgasms."
Team Vampire: 4

Now for Team Werewolf! Grrrr!

Meyers, Theresa"Ooo. Now that’s difficult. I like the vampires I write for Nocturne, but if it came down to Edward vs. Jacob, I’m all about Team Jacob. The werewolves just seem more emotional and human to me and that animalistic quality, where it’s pure instinct makes for a great alpha hero."
Stengl, Anne Elisabeth"Hmmmm . . . like I said above, I tend to like my monsters monstrous. I’m not usually into love-interest monsters. There’s a goblin with a romantic role in Moonblood, though . . . can I pick goblin?

I suppose I’d have to say werewolf if push came to shove. I’m writing a novel with a Faerie that shifts into wolf shape, so kind of a werewolf (though not according to classic werewolf lore). And I have main characters who take animal shapes in Heartless, so that’s a natural leap for me. So, okay, werewolves it is!"
Team Werewolf: 2