January 17, 2012

Lost in the Update

My poor, poor Book Whispers. It's been neglected. After taking my break from surgery it just seems like the saying "When it rains it pours" is a very true fact of life.  I've taken a longer break from BW then I ever intended and I've gotten behind of everything. Reviews, cover releases, Author Gossip, and so much more. 

As you can see I've at least had time to do my 2nd year anniversary makeover. That's right BW has hit its 2 year anniversary mark.  I feel really happy where my blog is.  However, I feel horrible that besides a new look BW has been dead for over a month now.

So expect things to finally start picking up.  Posts will go back on and . . . drum rolls please.

My first anniversary giveaway is coming up. You know that big one with a box of books waiting for a new home that I've been raving about ever since I missed my first anniversary!

1 comment:

S.A. Archer said...

Glad you are coming back and that the recovery is going well!

- S.A. Archer