March 26, 2012

Winner: Entangled

All right it's beyond time for a winner to be chosen for the amazing Entangled!!

(Yes, I still need to post my review and I should have that up by tonight!! Blogger has locked me out since March 13th!! Then I got sick and I wasn't fighting the good fight fast enough to get access to my account. *sigh*  Enough about my drama, let's get on with what we're all waiting for!)

Drum roll . . .

Book Chatter Cath
is the lucky winner chosen by!

Big thanks to the wonderful Nikki Jefford for letting me host the giveaway!! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


Book Chatter Cath said...

Thanks Shera and Nikki :)

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Congrats to you!!