August 5, 2012

2012’s Hot New Paranormal Shows!

Time to babble about one of my other addictions:


And boy does 2012 fall season look promising. The world of paranormal TV has taken off with shows like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Supernatural, Walking Dead, Being Human, and so much more. Now fans can look forward to even more paranormal goodness.

First up I’m very excited for NBC trying to get a hit show back on. Personally Heroes is the only show in a long while that I’ve been obsessed with from them. In fact, after Heroes went off the air the only time I watch NBC is when I’m scanning up for PBS.


Revolution is a post-apocalyptic show that takes place where 15 years earlier in the past unknown events left the world without any power. No technology works from cars to iPod, to bombs to batteries. Man kind has had to learn to adapt to life without the ease of modern life. Governments have fallen and many areas are ruled by warlords to militia.

The series focuses mainly on the Matheson family. Somehow they’re connected to the events that turned the power off and they possess a relic with not only the answer, but maybe the key to turning the lights back on. Other factions want the this “key” and they will have to fight to keep it out of the other factions hands.

Debuts September 17th, and should be on Mondays 10:00/9:00c.

Now one that I have pretty much been mind salivating about is Beauty and the Beast. Ever since the CW teased fans with the idea I’ve been obsessed. I love the old version (which I’ve been meaning to rewatch) despite its obvious cheesiness. I’m a sucker for any kind of Beauty and the Beast story.  I will confess that after the trailer I’m not quite as jazzed for it, but ya bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there.


Nine years Catherine got a flat tire and called her mom to help her, that night will haunt her forever. Her mother gunned down in front of her, she barely survived the same fate but was rescued by an animal. Now she’s a tough as nails Detective on a case that will bring her face to face with the hero who saved her. A new Sci/fi twist on the 1980’s show.

Debuts October 11th, on Thursdays 9:00/8:00c after The Vampire Diaries.

The CW is really riding the paranormal train, and all I can say is “THANK YOU!” Arrow is the next one that I’m aware of and I have to say after watching the trailer this one is my most anticipated Fall debut!


Arrow is based on a DC Superhero Green Arrow who tends to be a “side kick” in most of the comics. (I think someone said Green Arrow briefly appeared in the TV show Smallville or something?) The show has a Batman type feel to it when the uber rich son of a wealthy man goes missing at sea. He’s stranded on an island that transforms him into a survivor, there he learns some truths and comes back to his city to fight the baddies.

Debuts October 10th, running on Wednesdays 8:00/7:00c.

Besides Beauty and the Beast, Sherlock Holmes is a never ending addiction of mine. No really. I watched Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Centaury. (Yeah, I’m that addicted.) So when Goodreads started exploding with news about Elementary my only thought was “Heck yes!” You can’t say no to Lucy Liu (as Joan Watson) and Holmes power!


CBS is coming out with a urban take on the Crime solving guru. There’s been some fuss since CBS approached BBC about remaking their Holmes show, and now they’re doing a show completely separate of them. (I have faith though CBS is pretty good at coming up with great material.) The characters are present by basic name and character backgrounds, but instead of London the crime solving will be in Manhattan.

Debuts on September 27th, on Thursdays 10:00/9:00c.

666 Park Avenue is one that I’ve been relatively uninterested in, I hadn’t even planned on watching it. However, after the brainwashing amounts of commercials I will probably try it out.


666 Park Avenue is an upcoming American drama series created and produced by David Wilcox and based on the novel of the same name by Gabriella Pierce. The series follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan building complex that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force. – Wiki

Debuts September 30th, on Sundays 10/9c right after Revenge.

There’s lots of tried and trued paranormal favorites coming back, but if you’re a fan I don’t have to tell you about them.

There are some other none book/paranormal related shows coming on that seem promising I personally really want to se The Mob Doctor and The Mindy Project. (A sick side of me is curious about Nashville.) To see a pretty good list try looking at IMDb.


Mariya said...

I knew about Beauty and the Beast, but not Arrow! Totally excited for that! Love The CW!

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Yeah, The CW really can do no wrong at this point. I love them!!