October 17, 2013

These are a List of My Favorite Paranormal Shows!

So far anyway! Oh, there are a few bad eggs in there. But for the most part things are working out for me this season!

Anywho, to all of those who asked! It’s great to be back writing about my fave paranormal shows. Now, I can’t be there for all of them because I don’t have cable. This is the first overview of the fall season debut of 2013.

once-upon-a-timeFirst up Once Upon a Time. To be honest about halfway through season 2 I got bored. Heck, my eyes-glazed-on-off watching the final three episodes. I tuned in when it got good, then tuned out as needed. In fact, I was ready to dump the show if the first three episodes settled back into the realm of “slightly boring” again for season 3.

Then boom! Neverland was everything I hoped it could be! Right now those determining 3 episodes have been viewed. Oh, baby am I in!

Now, Pan as a villain? Paw! I scoffed at the idea last season. No really. How could the Rumplestiltskin be afraid of a boy in tights? After the first episode I realized there are no tights, and boy is Peter Pan creepy as heck! Totally agree with Hook, “Pan is the most treacherous villain I’ve ever faced.” He can go from cute and fun, to creepy and fun. His creepy and fun should never be mixed. (Plus, Pan’s facial expressions are amazing!)


The Evil Queen, AKA Regina, is still soul searching. While I believe she is sorry for some of her past actions, this lady ain’t rolling over and playing dead for no one! Which is just how I love her. There’s a hint of romance in the future for her.

Now if I went over every aspect going on, we’d be here . . . for too long. So I’m just gong to highlight two other things I’m digging.

Tinkerbell, I had my doubts. (Again.) Really, I should have learned my lesson. Her path crossed with Regina, creating a gloriously mess. Just how fans like it. There are hints to Hook and Bell’s past and I am dying for that to be revealed.


Mulan is a character I think deserves more time. She is OUaT’s warrior woman of awesomeness! When it was hinted that she developed feelings for Phillip, Aurora’s man, I thought “Ooooooo, love triangle.” Because the idea of another princess stealing another’s prince is click-clacking groovy. Then all of a sudden in one scene things get muddy!! Has Mulan developed feeling for Aurora? Or is she Bi and likes both?

Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. However, that scene! They’re doing something . . .


Lesbian princess is kind a something I’ve been waiting for . . . and anticipating a bit. However, why does the warrior woman always have to be Bi or a lesbian. Strong women can be straight too. Plus, with Mulan clearly pining for Phillip form the get-go it just seems so out of the blue. If they ran out of princesses to go for the lesbian role, let’s pick one that’s not so obvious.

Yet like I said, maybe I’m over reading it and getting excited for nothing. Surely OUaT is better than that and can give us an amazing lesbian princess.  Either way whether Mulan digs Phillip or Aurora it’s cute romance and one heck of a love triangle. Well played OUaT, well played.

Yep, it’s sucked me in again! Along for the ride another season.

OUAT-Wonderland-Title-CardNow everyone knows I’ve been beyond excited for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland! One of the writers in an interview (was it comic con?) described it as OUaT’s sexier and darker older cousin. Which had my toes curling. Especially after the first trailer went out June/July-ish. For some reason Alice in Wonderland is always something worth viewing when it’s being expanded or re-written. The biggest sell point is that this is an Epic Romance! Not only that, but Alice is one heck of a fighter and she is setting out to save her genie in distress!


It doesn’t hurt that the genie is so handsome and his name is Cyrus. (For Harry Potter fans you will know why this is an added bonus of yummy.) Plus, the actress Sophie Lowe as Alice is amazing. The girl not only looks adorable and perfect in her role, she has laid to rest any negative thoughts fans have felt about her being able to pull of fighting scenes. This girl can move! When these two great characters meet up on screen the romance is perfect!


With only the first episode out so far it paints the perfect picture of what the trailers have advertised. Now Jafar joining the cast was something that made me a bit nervous. The mixing of a genie with Wonderland clearly makes Jafar an essential step in the plot line. After meeting Jafar I couldn’t imagine this series without him. The Red Queen is scary cool. However, Jafar makes her look like a little kid on the playground. Gotta love a villain that makes the other villains go “Oh, shit he’s got Darth Vader powers!” Especially as he flies away on his magic carpet.


Now Cyrus is clearly being painted as the sweet and ever hopeful love of Alice’s life. So it only the next step to add in a mysterious, and slightly ill tempered, side kick. That would the The Knave of Hearts. His hidden past is hinted at, as well as his past with Alice where she has already helped him out before. It’s all very cool and I’m looking forward to his reveal as much as Alice and Cyrus!


Usually I wait three episodes before making my judgments about shows . . . I’m in! With one episode OUaTiW has proven it’s just as fantastic as the trailer promised. There are some clear issues with time differences here, and I hope that it’s explained instead of just lost in all of the flash forward/present/back and on.

And remember, “When you really love someone you don’t need proof. You can feel it.”

Sleepy-Hollow-LogoNow. Um. There was a TV show premiering this fall that . . . well I wasn’t that thrilled about. And figured Fox would just butcher it. That’s right it is Sleepy Hollow. Right from the get go this show grabbed me! My fears about the one dimensional story of the legend and the modernization were cut short! The writing crew for Sleepy Hollow knew what they were doing. It’s the perfect mix of modern day mystery and paranormal, witches and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, revolutionary war and resurrected man. It’s creepy dark and is surrounded by this amazing dark humor that makes me laugh and grimace at the same time. It’s combining myth with the present and infusing magic behind boring history. Yes, it isn’t accurate. However, most shows aren’t anyway. Oh, and it must be said that Abraham Lincoln should step aside, Washington was battling evil long before him.

All of the characters are amazing and it’s wonderful learning about there histories. You’re constantly guessing about who is good and who is bad. However, I’m not going to spend forever and a day ranting about that. No. Ichabod Crane. Ichabod. Crane.

Forget about Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad’s Mr. Crane. If Sleepy Hollow fans faithfully thought Johny Depp would be the hottest and the one-and-only-forever-forever Ichabod Crane, start doubting. Because Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane is inspiring. Man is the man hawt! Mison is an amazing actor and he manages to bring in tragic romance, humor, and scary-end-of-the-world scenes with aplomb.

Oh, yeah! In!! This show is one I will follow to the bitter end. (Or unless Fox crashes and burns. Or if they decide to cancel it because they sneezed . . . ) If you’re still on the fence check out this post that explains way better then I can as to why you should watch:

15 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Sleepy Hollow” Based Solely On The Pilot

agents of shieldAgents of S.H.E.I.L.D. as an embittered Marvel fan I’m not going to rant . . . too much. At this point I’ve already wasted so much time with this show that I don’t feel like I should have to waste anymore. This show is so horrid that within the first 2 minutes it was crystal clear that Joss Whedon dropped the ball.  Big time.

Joss Whedon as the entire Marvel universe to play with! And he takes the standard syndicated TV approach! Why? Many fans were expecting the grandness of Cable TV. Others thought it would have the same layering and dedication that the team of OUaT puts into their universe. Me? Well I was expecting a epic cinematic experience drawn out over 12 to 24 episodes.

Honestly I tried. I gave up my NCIS slot to S.H.E.I.L.D. because I wanted this to work out. (Huge NCIS fan here!) Lazy ABC, lazy. Putting my foot down and firmly saying enough is enough. Tossing this show out like my cats hair balls vomit piles: out to the trash and fast!

Witches_of_East_End_LogoMy final show for this post. Witches of East End.

Now I’ve been saying for a long time that I’d restart and finish Melissa de la Cruz’s book. To my surprise they’re making a TV series of it on Lifetime. Witch shows are some of my favorite so I waltzed on over to Hulu to partake of this wicked offering. The first episode was a wam-and-bam to my TV viewing senses. It definitely has a feel of Cruz’s dramatic drama and I was intrigued. With episode two it shows viewers that it’s settled down and fans can expect a lot of fun. Moving past the flower magic of the first episode and showing fans the serious side of witchcraft.

One of my Goodreads friends explains it perfectly:

It reminds me a lot of Practical Magic mixed with the fun side of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Hocus Pocus. :) Again, I don't mind the eye candy...

Abracadabra, I’m in! With exploding flowers, burning flowers, flower’s changing colors, beautiful people, love triangle, timid book-geek-that-was-once-awesome, a cursed family full of women with bad track records regarding men, and evil shapeshifter who this show is targeting. *cough*Vampire Dairy fans*cough* Let’s hope they keep it smart!

Phew, now that all of that is done here’s the shows that I will be adding to the mix as Hulu makes them available (The CW, I’m looking at you!) and they actually start up. Fall season only.

  • The Tomorrow People (The CW)
  • Reign (The CW)
  • The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
  • The Originals (The CW)
  • Dracula (NBC)

If I’m messing any fall paranormal shows give me a shout out so I don’t miss them.

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