August 4, 2016

Goodreads Giveaway! I won some!

It's funny, a while back I joined a discussion on Goodreads asking if people actually entered the giveaway, if they ever won, and when they received the book. At the time I had never actually won a giveaway on Goodreads. Despite my religious need to enter every time a giveaway notification for a book I liked popped up. I'm not just any kind of bookworm, I'm a book shopaholic/hoarder bookworm. If I have a chance of getting a free copy, I'm a gonna try my darnest to get that book! (No really a friend once texted me what I was up to and I replied "stroking my precious book shelf and the shiny books." Yes, we are still friends.)

So low and behold I got my first notification on April 1, 2016 that I had won a copy of Blue Lily, Lily Blue! Just days before my birthday! It was awesome. Then it never came. So I thought I was like the many other winners that simply had to wait a while, and then when July hit I just assumed it got lost in the mail.

So it came a few weeks ago! I'm just now posting because I meant to take a picture with it, but this will have to do! Thank you Scholastic! It may have gotten lost in the mail, the letter from Scholastic says May 2016, but I finally got it!

This is kind of my week off from posting, so what really prompted me to post about Goodreads Giveaways is that I won another giveaway on Goodreads on July 19th! It came in the mail today!! Yippee!! It's a for a book/series I've been really curious about: The Twixt.

Just look how amazing everything Harlequin Teen sent is! Especially that book mark and they sent book cover porn for the forth book that is coming out.

Honestly I was so excited I actually attempted to take a selfie with it. Well that kind of didn't work out so I had my mom take the picture and I settled for my "I love it so much I must kiss it pose". (You all know how much I hate--and I am so bad--at taking selfies.) 

So I am now a happy owner of Indelible!

Thank you Goodreads for having something as fun and easy to use as your amazing Giveaway system. Thank you to both Scholastic and Harlequin Teen for doing giveaways through Goodreads!

Don't worry I won't forget to review these two awesome books!  


Verna Hopkins said...

Goodreads giveaways are great! As a fellow bibliophile, I can totally understand your impatience. I haven’t won any yet, but I discovered some of my favorite Indie authors through trying out for the giveaways. In May, Goodreads have started a similar program fo Kindle ebooks. Hope I get lucky like you and win a few books.

Shera BookWhispers said...

I think I've only been notified for a few Kindle giveaways when they were first launching it. But now it's pretty much just print copies.

I think the giveaways is a great way to find all kinds of authors. Especially indie. That's how I found Annette Marie and Annie Bellet.

Two of my faves.

Good luck! Hope you win some.