September 12, 2011

The Quiet Hunger

Books and Babbles is a fun post where I can share anything about books, and just babble on. Or, even babble about movies, hot topics, whatever strikes my fancy.

It’s been quiet here at BW for quite a while. Sure I’ve been to a ton of giveaways, but not much else.  That’s because I’m still doing that big update that I’ve been talking about.  A lot of the regular posts are still getting worked on. Mainly the reviews.  Right now I’m not a hundred percent on the formats yet—normally that’s not such a big deal.  So the big deal is that all of the reviews will be adapting this format.  That means once I get that new format a go, I’ll being going back and redoing all of them like that.

So I want to get it right the first time! (Plus I’ve been fighting off one heck of a clingy cold/flu. I’m barely functioning as a normal person right now.)  Also I’ve got a ton of reviews on back hold, so once the format is done I’m hoping 1-2 reviews at least.  Then if I’m really ambitious, and the Author Gossip and Cover Coveting stays low, 4-5.

So now for the Hunger bit.   For those of you who haven’t been teased yet. Well . . . be teased.

Now for another tease. 

I know I’ve been saying that my video blog tour is almost ready.  Then a few weeks later I say it’s almost ready!!

This time I mean it. All of the video has been taken, edited, and now the final stretch remains. The uploading.  Hopefully it will be up by Friday or Sunday.

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