September 19, 2011

Vlog Book Tour – Part 1

That’s right everyone!  Finally it is time! Or at least for it’s time for the first bit of my book shelf tour.  So far there will be three—Youtube just upped my upload time so I might fit the part 2 and 3 to one.

Any who, I tried to cover all the suggestions you guys gave me.  Closet up of all the books? Check.  Book case overviews? Check.  Explanation and intro of every books?  Well sort of.  I tried to be quick and not bore people to death!!  (I may or may not have succeeded.)

Sorry about some of the bad shots.  To avoid buying a codec for my camera and video camera I had to film this using my web cam.  That means I balanced web cam in one hand and laptop in other. On a stool!  I’m not the most well balanced person, so some shots are not clear.  Plus, the cam feed started acting up so I couldn’t all ways see what I was filming.

Part 1 is my YA, Manga, and Epic Fantasy shelves.  So with out further babble enjoy the show!

All righty!! Next up will be my famous Urban Fantasy shelves, my PNR shelves, Mercedes Lackey, and my shame shelf.  Which should be uploaded before the end of the week!!

Hope you enjoyed!


barmybex said...

I LOVE your shelves! You have sooo many books - I am so jealous. Great Vlog - thanks for sharing. :D

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Thanks!! They'e my pride and joy. ^_-