November 23, 2012

Because of my Goodreads friends . . .

It hit me while I was posting a review:

I don’t post Books and Babbles anymore!

In fact, the last time I did was for the new paranormal TV shows that where debuting, back in August! That’s a long time. So after brain storming about it I decided the “and Babbles” part of these posts needed to be utilized. After all despite my huge love of books, I do like other things and it’s always fun to share. That got me thinking about all the things my Goodreads Friends share and have gotten me addicted to!

Picking something for this first “Because of my Goodreads Friends . . . “  Books and Babbles post was hard. Because my GF have gotten me hooked on a lot of new things. That’s right they’re all enablers.

Drum roll please . . .

cinderellassisterK-dramas! (AKA Korean Dramas.) Why did I pick this? Well it’s part of my current active addiction, besides K-pop (which is a completely different post.) Honestly I’m not even sure why I’d never really tried, or heard, of K-dramas before. Especially since I’m a huge anime fan. While the two don’t go hand in hand, the nerd-doms tend to cross quite a bit I’ve found out.

Actually, quite a while before my good GF friends recommended my first K-drama I had actually tried one. Cinderella’s Sister. Which showed me that just like with American TV and movies I’m picky.  If I would have stopped at Cinderella’s Sister I would have never tried another K-drama again.

Luckily one friend started talking about You Are Beautiful which led me into tons of fun! yourebeautifulThis K-drama brings the perfect style of Korean humor. Actually I think it’s just Asian dramas in general. There’s a band, hot and pretty men, a nun (well in training), said nun needing to dress up as a male band member, kooky love triangles (or squares), and just tons of crazy hijinks.  It’s like bringing the best of anime into live action. (Which is funny because I’ve never really enjoyed live action films from Japan before.)

However, like I said I’m picky. You all know that! From books, to TV, movies, and more. I have expectations. So when I started fishing around I really didn’t get much luck. Prosecutor Princess is one I actually finished, but it just wasn’t that great and with all of my addictions I need to watch good stuff. So if you guys are interest here’s some shows that I’ve gotten addicted to after my Goodreads Friends got me hooked.

To-the-Beautiful-You-05You Are Beautiful is probably always going to be one of my favorites. However, To the Beautiful you is just as much fun! It’s the gender bender that was made famous through a manga Hana-Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo. Hana-Kimi was actually adapted into a Japanese live action series, which I hated. It’s only 16 episodes for those who don’t want to commit to a full 16 episodes and gets my seal of approval.

If outrageous fun comedies aren’t your thing I’ve a got a few others to try and tempt you guys.


Faith is a big favorite of mine! It’s a historical, but it’s fun! It’s a got time travel, romance, comedy, royal intrigue and dark political plots! Yummy man candy! Super powers, ninjas, martial arts, pretty period costumes! If you don’t like the story you’ll be hooked on the cinematography. 

IRIS_Intertitle iris_top

Iris is one of the hottest K-dramas out there. Featuring tons of hot Korean it actors, it’s one of the few K-dramas that go on location to exotic places. (Plus, that guy on the right is TOP, from BigBang!)


Sungkyunkwan Scandal is another historical, but this one is 100% fun. Another Gender Bender (yes I really like those!), this time the woman in question dressing up could be put to death if caught. she was impersonating a man to make ends meat for her family when a crazy twist in fate causes her to start training to be an official (a politician). Despite the threat of death looming over her, it’s really not a scary it’s just tons of crazy laughs.

So yeah, that’s what my GR friends have gotten be addicted to. If you guys are interested in trying out something new stop in to Drama Fever, where you can watch them all for free!

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