January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

It just hit me that my Goodreads’ friends now out numbers my blogger followers by few hundred. It’s so magical! I know I should feel weird that it’s that way, but my GR friends are so awesome that I just love it!

Ever After by Kim Harrison 

Ever After (The Hollows, #11)Get it: Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: The Hollows, Book 11

The ever after, the demonic realm that parallels the human world, is shrinking. If it disappears completely, so does all magic. It's up to witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan to avert catastrophe and keep life from changing... for the worse.

While saving the world is important, it isn't Rachel's only motivation. There's also the small fact that she caused the ley line to rip in the first place, setting off a chain reaction of unfortunate events. That little mistake has made her life forfeit unless she can fix it. It's also made her more than a few enemies, including the most powerful demon in the ever after—a terrifying entity who eats souls and now has an insatiable appetite for her. He's already kidnapped her friend and goddaughter to lure her out, and if Rachel doesn't give herself up soon, they'll die.

But Rachel has more than a few impressive and frightening skills of her own, and she isn't going to hand over her soul and her life without one hell of a fight. She's also got a surprise: elven tycoon Trent Kalamack. With this unlikely ally beside her—a prospect both thrilling and unnerving—she's going to return to the ever after, kick some demon butt, rescue her loved ones... and prevent an apocalypse before it's too late. Or, at least that's the plan...

Cliché, I know! However, my lust for this book is so great that nothing else can step in right now. I want it. I need it. Trent baby, I’m a come 'in for you.

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