February 1, 2013

New Adult, what is it?

It’s always so exciting when a new genre appears in the book world. What’s even more exciting is when a new age group pops up. Because age groups don’t really change or suddenly popup in the book world, it feels like a huge thing. At least for me.

The new age group is: New Adult!

It’s bothered me for a while that it felt like we’ve got independent and teen reads, that developed into Young Adult. Then the age category just jumped straight up to adult.  So in 2009 St. Martin's Press decided to propose the option of New Age. Covering the coming of age phase that happens in your early 20s. Which seems like an obvious thing to do for readers, that is just as much an important part of growing up as being a YA or an adult.

So now New Adult is bursting on the scene. The wiki page states that New Adult is supposed to “be marketed to post-adolescents and young-adults ages 18 to 30.” Though I’m pretty sure this would be great for most teens, why not spread the growing up phase of the 20s? You’re going to college, getting first jobs, leaving he safety of parents, and basically becoming an adult.

See more New Adult titles.

New adult is supposed to cover characters from 18 to about 26, and is basically mature YA. Though YA books tend to be pretty mature nowadays. In my mind, it’s about the journey from Young Adult to Adult hood.

It’s strange but if I think about I haven’t read too many book that the characters are 18 to about 23. They’re usual sweet 16 or heading for their 30s. However, the past four-ish year I’ve noticed a few titles breaking out, and in 2012 it’s been a hot topic as more books finally are being published or changed over from YA.

So in the end this is clearly a change in the age groups of book publishing that I am all for! Though now I’m going to have to go through my Goodreads shelves and change a few YA titles, add a age description on my site, and a few other things.

So what do you think? Are you excited about New Adult becoming the newest age genre?


rungiequeen said...
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Gin said...

And here I thought I was starting to like YA more. I think it is actually the New Adult books that I have been reading and enjoying so much recently. That said, yes I think it is a wonderful distinction.

Anonymous said...
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