June 14, 2013

Books & Babbles: Movies

Thought it would be tons of fun to end  this week, again, with more fun movie trailers!! I’ve been really short on time so there aren’t as many this time around.

Also, a heads up. My mother is having some scary surgery so I may or may not have posts next week. If all goes well I’ll be back, if not I need to be there for her 24/7.

Hope everyone else’s loved ones are well and safe.

OK, OK. This really isn’t fantasy themed or a book made to movie. However, it’s that kooky genre of super misfits that I have come to love in books. (No, really. There are super hero books like that in adult and YA.) So I bring you Kickass 2!!

This one is 6 souls and it looks more like a horror. But it does have quite the paranormal twist on it.

Now I leave you for the weekend with this little gem: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!

It's so exciting. Honestly after the first one I thought they had put a giant cancel on the series. Thankfully this one looks like they took the hint and will be making it better.

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