June 28, 2013

Paranormal(ish) Movies & TV Edition!

ATUF had a post about some of the new TV shows and I thought I’d post a few of them, plus I found a few movies.

The CW seems to be sticking with converting books to TV shows, and more power to them! Star-Crossed is one such title.

This one is supposed to be based off of a French comic set in a apocalyptic world where the earth is covered in ice. Basically a second ice age. I’ve heard how weird, yet beautiful, the comic is so I’m really curious to see how this will adapt to the big scream.

Byzantium looks really cool and I love these kinds of vampire noir. My only question: Is this part of Anne Rice’s universe of Interview With a Vampire? Or is it just the director or someone that has the connection? Really confusing.  

Sleepy Hollow, I’ve been in love with it ever since I saw that horrible cartoon version with all the music. Then I became obsessed after seeing Tim Burton’s with Johnny Depp. Yet I don’t feel really excited for this modern story that Fox is spinning. Maybe the trailer just doesn’t have enough to build it up. I’ll check it out, but I’m not expecting much.

The Originals is one that I’m really torn up about. (And now I know a spoiler about a certain couple that I’ve been secretly hoping would have hooked up this last season.) The Vampire Dairies finally got me completely and utterly hooked! But season 4 lost me. A spinoff could go a lot of places and honestly I thought VD was really starting to lose steam.

Hey, this is Klaus and New Orleans. It’s hard to go wrong.

This one I have no interest in, but I know there’s a lot of Frankenstein fans on my blog! So here is Frankenstein's Army. However, this really has nothing to do with the old school guy.

Frozen is one movie that I’ve been absolutely excited for!!! Disney’s interpretation of The Snow Queen? Yes! Yes-yes! So there. The trailer leaves some huge holes by it’s vagueness, but it made me laugh.

It is a musical which makes me nervous. Disney’s musicals haven’t been doing much for me. I miss the day of the classics. Here’s hoping this one redeems Disney. (Plus, the leaked still shots of the Queen look amazing!)

There are way more then what I’m posting hear, but I’ll save those for next week.

So I decided to leave you all with a trailer for a story we all know VERY well. Romeo and Juliet. That’s right another remake. This one is not out there to remake the story like Romeo+Juliet or the awesome Anime version. Nope this one is like a glorious tribute.

While I still think the love story is stupid I can’t get enough of it. I have high hopes for this movie as the trailer makes this look like a brand new thing that I haven’t seen interpreted again and again. Yeah!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in the heat like me, hit the beach!

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