July 8, 2013

Game of Thrones: Comic Con

It’s ironic that while I’m currently playing catch up on Season 2 & 3 of Game of Thrones that some good news comes out.

San Diego Comic Con! While I never make it to this awesome event I always like to stay updated and catch the vids on Youtube later. So there is going to be a Game of Thrones panel this year and it’s been confirmed that George R. R. Martin will be part of the panel.

The next convention on my calendar is the San Diego Comicon.

My dance card is already almost full. Yes, there will be a GAME OF THRONES panel, and I’ll be on it. It is scheduled for Friday, July 19, 2:50 to 3:45, in Hall H To be followed by an autographing at the WB booth. Of course, I’ll be joined on the panel by half a dozen cast members (no, don’t know which ones yet) and David and Dan. – Source

You can get further details here.

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