February 12, 2014

Interview & Giveaway: Shona Husk

Shona Husk is one of my fave unique paranormal romance writers and I’m happy to host a tour for her newest book Temptation in a Bottle. Which released January 28th.


Shera (Book Whispers): In your own words introduce yourself. Temptation in a Bottle Banner 450 x 169

Shona Husk: I’m Shona Husk. I live in Perth, Western Australia and I write paranormal romance, love dark chocolate and reading. When I’m not doing any of the above I do martial arts, running and I love to cross-stitch while I watch TV.

goblin-kingBW: Were there any particular parts that were hard to write?

SH: With this novella the first half was easy, but getting the second half right was much harder. After the hero lost his memory (as punishment for breaking his bottle) I still had to keep him heroic. It was a tough balance :)

BW:What can readers look forward to from you? What are your plans for the In a Bottle series, or other books?

SH: I plan to write another couple of In a Bottle novellas as they are so much fun to write. It’s always nice to write something short after finishing a novel. Later this month I have another sci-fi romance out, Lunar Reunion. And in the second half of the year I have two more fairy books out with The Changeling Soldier and To Love a King.

BW:You've done goblins and genies, any other unique magical creatures you'd like to writeThe-Outcast-Prince about?

SH: I’m halfway through my fairy series set around the Court of Annwyn. Fairies are a lot of fun because they are so devious and tricky. I’m also writing aliens at the moment for my sci-fi series Decadent Moon. And while I have a couple of other series in the works it’s nothing I can talk about…yet. There are some wonderful myths out there that would be fun to draw on like the draugr and also some of the old gods.

BW: Sounds awesome, and I look forward to these “secret” works!

What books would you recommend for readers of your books?

SH: My reading tastes are very eclectic as I read everything from paranormal romance to non-fiction. I love reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. The Kannon Dupree Series by Rhonda Roberts is a great time travelling crime series. And I enjoy Michelle Diener’s historical romantic suspense.

For people wanting to try some of my books I have several free reads on my website and The Summons is the free prequel to the Shadowlands series click here.

dark-vowBW: When you're in a writing jam, is there a particular author you look to for inspiration? One that makes you ask, "What would ‘insert author's name here’ do?"

SH: No, I just keep going and know that I can always edit it later. I sometimes turn to my critique group to brainstorm if I’m really stuck.

BW: For you personally, not your characters, between a vampire love interest and a werewolf love interest which do you prefer? (What team are you on? Team Vampire or Team Werewolf.)

SH: I have only ever written one shapeshifter (Brightwater Blood), and while he was lovely, I do  prefer vampires. There is something about a man with fangs. Plus vampires won’t shed on the furniture ;)

BW: Go wild! Let us know something funny about you, share something that's on your mind, or anything else that's important about your books.

SH: Readers can keep up with my latest news through my newsletter or through my facebook page where I also post all kinds of random things.

I’m also putting together a street team so if readers are interested in joining they can email me shona(at)shonahusk.com to be added to the group.


Temptation in a Bottle by Shona Husk
Series: In a Bottle, book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Grab it: Amazon | Goodreads

His only wish is to be free…
For centuries Gage has existed only to fulfill the most intimate desires of the woman who holds his bottle. Now Gage has a wish of his own—to be a real man and a have a real life even though he knows it’s an impossible dream. This time he plans to take his bottle and break it just to see what will happen.

Paramedic Sasha Watts has seen the damage falling in love does to people and she had no intention of being another of Cupid’s victims. She accidentally frees Gage without knowing what he is. After one kiss he walks away and she never expects to see him again, but the goddess Inanna has other ideas.

As punishment for breaking his bottle she erases Gage’s memory of everything but Sasha. Only Sasha can give him the life he longs for and only Gage can be the man she’s always dreamed of, but first she’ll have to open her heart and he’ll have to finish the job Inanna gave him. If he fails, he’ll cease to exist.

About the author:

Three time ARRA finalist Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian shona-huskOcean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn’t looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she writes about heroes who are armed and dangerous but have a heart of gold—sometimes literally.

With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing and Sourcebooks.

You can find out more at author’s site.

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