November 19, 2014

Cover Coveting: Makeover

Cover art is found from Wicked Scribes, ATUF, Goodreads, social networks, and other sources.
***All cover art may not be final.***

Ever since the amazing covers hit with Heart of Obsidian I just new that the series was due for a cover makeover. Especially after they actually stuck with the art and design! What series is it? Well that title was a big hint. It’s the Psy-Changeling (Goodreads | Amazon) series by Nalini Singh.

Thanks to Wicked Scribes for finding this new cover!

So the cover makeover starts with Slave to Sensation (Goodreads | Amazon)! Let’s be honest the bad covers plaguing this series is a huge mistake. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I put off reading this series in the first place. Which only shows the power of good writing. Because I know a lot of readers who put off reading this series because of the horrid covers. But no one can ignore the buzz this series generates, well before it finally became blessed with some decent covers. So let’s take a gander.


That’s not as bad as some of the covers. (Come on Blaze of Memory anyone?) Never mind, it is bad. The whole vanishing/thinning body part thing is creepy. And despite bookworms’ favorite quote “never judge a book by its cover” we do!

Now let’s take a look at the shiny new cover!


Not how I picture Lucas. However, the cover is epic! Oh, it makes me so annoyed that all of my copies, paperback and eBook, are the old cover. They’re taking advantage of us poor readers!

Anywho there’s no official release date, or word on whether it’s going to be hard or paperback release. I’m praying for paperback.

So what do you guys think?

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