August 28, 2015

Review: Arrow’s Fall

Arrow’s Fall (Arrows of the Queen, book 3) by Mercedes Lackey

arrow's fall

Genre: Epic Fantasy
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With Elspeth, the heir to the throne of Valdemar, come of marriageable age, Talia, the Queen's Own Herald returns to court to find Queen and heir beset by diplomatic intrigue as various forces vie for control of Elspeth's future.

But just as Talia is about to uncover the traitor behind all these intrigues, she is sent off on a mission to the neighboring kingdom, chosen by the Queen to investigate the worth of a marriage proposal from Prince Ancar.


This is the book that truly changed everything for me in the world of Valdemar.  The other two books clearly show how hard and trying the life a Herald is.  They emphasize how every Herald from 11-90 is ready to die for their country.  Lackey isn't afraid to kill off characters through the course of Arrows of the Queen and Arrow's Flight, but this one drives the knife home.

Talia is just coming back from her circuit run and will be joining the court as the official Queen's Own with her own vote and everything.  She still has to deal with the political drama that she had left behind, and the enemy in the dark who has been trying to chip away at her from the very first day she came to the Herald Collegium. Not only that but she has to deal with a proposal for the Princess (who still needs a little schooling in the sacrifices of being a Queen), her mentor Kris isn't happy with her, and her potential life-bonded partner is running away from her.  The drama is higher than ever, but Lackey handles it well.  Avoiding what could have been a cheesy soap opera.

Before long Talia and Kris have to go as ambassadors to a neighboring kingdom about the proposed proposal of marriage to the princess.  The events that unfold are clearly chilling as the truth behind everything comes stalking out of the dark.  Valdemar has been betrayed by one of it's very own, and dark power of the old Mages are coming out to threaten Valdemar.

The previous two books have brought me to silent tears, and many times watery eyes.  However this book will bring out sobs of loss as the true meaning and price of a Herald takes center stage.  Death isn't the hardest thing to deal with.  Talia is tortured mercilessly for the pleasure of sadists, raped, and left to the simple solution of suicide.  Even through it all her Herald duty keeps her alive. 

For fans of epic battles this last book in the Arrows series does a fine job of it.  There's resolve and hope at the end.  However, the new enemy of Valdemar is not done with them, and will clearly be popping up in Elspeth's(the Heir apparent) books.  From here I would highly suggest reading Vanyel's book in the Magic's Price series.  It may being going back in time, but it explains a lot of things about the loss of Herald-mages and the "protection" that Valdemar has.  It will also help greatly in Elpesth's Mage Wind series.

Sexual Content:

Rape, dirty humor, and violent torture.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

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