January 27, 2016

Wednesday Wishes

Well I just got caught up as far as I could on The Shannara Chronicles, to episode 3. I'm going to be honest it's been well over a decade since I read my last Shannara book. But since it was one of the first High Fantasy series that I ever got into I do remember things fairly well. The changes are interesting and I like it better than I thought.

If you're curious MTV actually has it online to watch. So heads up!

Bride of Death by T.A. Pratt

bride of death t.a. prattGet it: Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Marla Manson, book 7

Marla Mason has been a mercenary, chief sorcerer and protector of an entire city, and an occult detective, and now she's a goddess of Death... but only part-time. She gets to spend six months a year living as a mortal woman on Earth, and she's decided to devote those months to hunting monsters for fun and personal redemption. Armed with axe and dagger, with the living severed head of her worst enemy in a birdcage for a traveling companion, she sets off by motorcycle into the American Southwest on a journey of self-discovery and other-destruction.


Lady of Misrule by T.A. Pratt

Lady of MisruleGet it: Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Series: Marla Manson, book 8

Marla awakens for her month on Earth and finds her allies missing, and an old enemy causing trouble in her home city of Felport, where Marla once ruled as chief sorcerer.

Meanwhile, a rather charming gentlemen who happens to be a monstrous exile from beyond our multiverse has decided that murdering gods might be a fun pastime, and he figures he'll start with Marla.

With the help of her former apprentice Bradley Bowman, Marla has to rescue her friends, crush her enemies, and eliminate the aforementioned existential threat–before her month runs out and she returns to the underworld.

Book 6 was self pub and I had thought this series had ended. But somehow I missed books 7 and 8 coming out. Glad to see the series continuing with such amazing covers. I definitely want.

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