May 30, 2017

Back Again

I know, I know another long gap of no posting. This time for a good reason. Long story short I had an accident and developed a case of tinnitus (AKA ear ringing and noise) back in December. It's never really let up and with winter gone the noisy things in the house went away and I was left to silence. AKA no longer silence as the ringing in my head is loud and worse then before. Another long story that I'll skip.

I've had a hard time reading. So I've started up reading again and will be posting again. Gotta do the things that keep you sane.

Guess what I'll be posting about first? Covers!! (Of course.)

If you're an author I'm working through my emails and will be replying back. Sorry for any late responses.

If you're in the states hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Oh, and happy summer reading! Looks like a lot of great books are slated to come out!

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