March 7, 2017

Author Update Rachel Caine!


Heads up this week's posts will be a little slim. However, great news just popped into my mailbox from author Rachel Caine.  

Ink and Bone  (The Great Library #1)Rachel is very pleased to announce that the Great Library series, which was originally planned for three books, is now extending to five volumes ... because when you're telling a story this big, you need a bigger canvas. If you haven't started the Great Library series yet, you're Paper and Fire  (The Great Library #2)in for an epic read: a journey through a rich alternate world where the Great Library of Alexandria never burned, books are sacred, and knowledge is the ultimate power.

"I'm thrilled to get to expand and continue Jess's story," says Rachel. "It's such a huge world and concept, and as a writer, Ash and Quill  (The Great Library #3)getting to play with concepts like these, and characters I love, is a dream come true. Can't wait for you all to read ASH AND QUILL, and I'm hard at work on Book 4 this summer!"

I faithfully buy each book, but I haven't read them yet. Normally I get nervous when a trilogy expands. So I hope it fits well. Either way I'm excited for more lovely covers.

Congrats Rachel Caine.

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Morrighan Rose said...

Those covers are lovely! I haven't heard of this series yet, but I will definitely have to check it out :)
Morrighan @Elysian Fields Reviews<3