January 31, 2010

Review: Revealears

Revealers Revealers by Amanda Marrone

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Witchin' ain't easy.

Jules has a rebellious streak, a massive crush on Connor, and the abilities of a Revealer witch. By day, she and her coven friends seem like typical high school seniors. By night, they have the power to make werewolves, vampires, and ghosts reveal themselves, so they can destroy them. It's not exactly cheerleading, but at least the girls know they're doing the world some good.

One by one, Jules's friends turn eighteen and are initiated into the coven's inner circle. And one by one, they are getting completely freaked out. Jules is the youngest, and though her friends are too scared tell her what's going on, something's clearly not right. As her birthday approaches, Jules realizes she's got to find out what's behind the shadows of her coven before it's too late to save her friends...and herself. But what she discovers may be too powerful for even the toughest witches to defeat.

I had no intentions of reading Revealers after I had read Uninvited by the same author. Luckily for me I ended up needing another book, and Uninvited had a little preview of Revealers. After reading maybe about five pages I was hooked. If I hadn't already purchased Revealers I would have made a pit stop at the book store just for it.

Even with the great start I was afraid this book would somehow take a turn and I would end up with another Uninvited. More teen drama then urban fantasy. I shouldn't have to worried. The take on witches in this book is sooo good. The girls are thirteen when they start going out into the night slaying the “evils” of the supernatural community. The reader pops in just as the girls are turning 18 and will be “joining” the coven. These girls are expected then to have daughters of there own that will then take there place in the fight. The task the girls are given and still expected to do is put into light through Jules eyes as she tries to live with the fact that she kills things.

Marrone moves this story along nicely. Giving us a little teen drama with a heavy dose of evil plot. The side characters were all fun and I loved reading about them, probably even more then the main character. Of course that's not saying Jules wasn't a wonderful character to follow. Jules was a healthy enough dose of curiosity and defiance, without being annoying. Dani, Jules best friend, was a fun nerdy character and her love troubles had me giggling. Revealers also had a wonderful dose of humor that went great with all of the characters.

Another thing I loved was how Marrone could make me hate the mothers for betraying their daughters. Then the next thing I know I'm feeling sympathy for the wicked mothers and can understand why they made the choices they had to make. By the end of the book I was even cheering the mothers on.

Bottom Line:
This novel is not perfect. Yes, you can guess some of the plot twisters and who dun'it parts. It is, however, worth the read. The plot moves fast and includes one the the best mysteries I've read in a YA novel in a while. I look forward to reading other books by this author even after the terrible taste of Uninvited.

Sexual Content:
Kiss scenes, the make out scenes are not too in depth.

Rating: 5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession.

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