January 17, 2010


All the Reviews are alphabetized by the authors last name. Not all of the books I've read have reviews posted here. I prefer to write reviews as I read the books. Maybe I'll go back and review the titles I've read in the past. For now, though, I'll start reviewing books I've started reading in 2010.

Disclaimer! Forgive any grammar issues, I'm a reader not a writer. Enjoy.

My review rating goes:

5/5- There are no excuses to miss this one!
4/5- Recommended read
3/5- Good, worth a read
2/5- Disappointing, library check-out
1/5- Terribly boring, I couldn't finish it or wish I hadn't

All of the books reviewed have been bought by me, unless otherwise posted.

Armstrong, Kelley

Clemens, James
Cole, Kresley
Davidson, MaryJanice
Evans, Annaliese
Furey, Maggie
Galenorn, Yasmine
Harris, Charlaine
Howell, Morgan
Ione, Larissa
MacInenery, Karen
Mechling, Lauren
Mead, Richelle
Meding, Kelly
Morrane, Amanda
Neill, Chloe
Perry, Kate
Snyder, Maria V.
Ward, J.R.

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