April 8, 2010

Review: Succubus Heat

Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid, #4) Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead

Book discription provided by goodreads.

Georgina Kincaid has been a bad, bad succubus...

...which should be a good thing. But lately, thanks to her foul mood over breaking up with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, she's been so wicked that Seattle's ├╝ber-demon Jerome, decides to "outsource" Georgina to a rival—and have her spy for him in the process.

Being exiled to the frozen north—okay, Vancouver—and leaving Seth in the cozy clutches of his new girlfriend is unpleasant enough. Then Jerome is kidnapped, and all immortals under his control mysteriously lose their powers. One bright spot: with her life-sucking ability gone, there's nothing to keep Georgina from getting down and dirty with Seth—nothing apart from his girlfriend that is. Now, as the supernatural population starts turning on itself, a newly mortal Georgina must rescue her boss and figure out who's been playing them—or all hell will break loose...

Before you read this there are slight spoilers so if you don't like them I'd advice staying away. If you don't mind a little then proceed. * Means the beginning and the end of a little more in depth spoiler. My friend read it and didn't think it was really a spoiler, but I am picky about them, and I felt the spoiler's where necessary for this review.

My thoughts:

Richelle Mead's Succubus series (or Georgina Kincaid series) has been one of my favorite series. My head practically explodes with excitement when ever a new book is released, a cover shown, or any thing! My love for this series knows no bounds.

So when I finally allowed myself to read this (cause the fifth book is out!!!) I was a little down that Georgina was still griping and festering in self pity over Seth. Sure the love of her long existence dumped her, but I thought she was old enough that after the initial heart break, she would realize why he did it. She was basically a drunk, extra slutty succubus working on auto pilot. Mead still had me though and I was set for the long ride of recovery and hopefully some growth from Georgina.

Things cruise a long at a normal pace for this series, action is not spilling from the pages, but character growth and humor. Jerome, the Archdemon, is summoned away and Georgina is the only one who cares enough to find and save him. The drama and plots don't end there, there's a Satanic Cult in Canada, Georgina is being “borrowed” out to help with the cult issue, all of the minor demon's have lost there demonic gifts until a new Archdemon is appointed, and a mysterious helper is protecting her. The plot was definitely full of intrigue, I figured the new boyfriend had to be behind the evil events (or at least helping it) and I was quite right. The real culprit though was harder to find. I'm not sure if because I liked the character that I couldn't see it, but I strongly believe that Mead's fine writing skills will take all the credit for this one.

Roman finally makes his appearance! Roman had been one of my favorite characters from the first book and I have been dying for Mead to bring him back. He's back and it wasn't quite enough Roman time for me, but I'm glad he's back, and here to stay! Very excited to see where things between Georgina and Roman go.

I had one major burning all consuming hatred dislike in this book. Which is such a strange experience for me, because I always love a Mead book. There is one topic that always gets me in a boil, affairs. I hate affairs, and I do not believe they can justified.

So when Georgina loses her succubus abilities and no longer needs the energy fix she gets from draining there life span, I thought, “Ooo, the plot thickens.” Then didn't ponder about it, I figured we'd get some sexual tension from Seth and Georgina, maybe an almost slept with each other moment. NO. I was bitterly disappointed.

*Spoiler Starts*Considering what got Georgina in her damned to Hell position I thought she would have had more since. Who I am kidding though, she indulges too much to say no, no matter how moral bound everyone thinks she is. It all came down to Seth, and he jumped in head first. (I mean the pun.) Things just kept killing me with this.

When we first meet Seth, the reader is basically told he is an extra clean soul with minty freshness. In this series, the persons moral code is what condemns the soul all the more, or less. So when Georgina no longer has to worry about draining Seth's life force away, not once does she think about his damnation. They broke up and he was in “love” and dating someone else. Take Seth's squeaky clean soul into account, he was doomed. Seth broke up to end what would only be a bad out come in his and Georgina undying love. Yet somehow he jumps at the opportunity to sleep with her, it was like no second thoughts happened. The instant he could, he did, and if the love hadn't been there from other books I would have said the whole thing had been lust.

Georgina never takes into account there damning Seth, in fact, until some one else pointed it out Georgina NEVER thought about it. Sure she had the occasional guilty thought about Maddie (Seth's girlfriend), which was not enough to be convincing. Georgina sold her soul to hell because of the effects of her cheating on her husband, if she really loved Seth that would have been the first thing on her mind. How they could not sleep together because he had a significant other and was moving on. She is a employee of Hell, she knows how these things work. (This is a topic I can go on and on about and I'm surprised I'm giving all of this so calm like.) *Spoiler Ends*

Really, I'm not sure whether Mead was putting across that they were so in love that they couldn't think about any more consequence. That all Consequences would be worth it just to have those few days together. The thing is Georgina was not kind to Seth until sex was suddenly a possibility. It almost makes me wonder if Mead is trying to put across that no relationship is enough with out sex. Georgina at the end of the book even seems to be able to finally move on now that she's had her sex.

Sure it seems like I'm being cruel, but I couldn't feel the love. Or at least I wasn't convinced that it was her, that any of it was just an animal need. There were some sweet and fuzzy feeling moments when they weren't having sex that I felt it. Even if they were ignoring reality. I strongly feel that if Seth could loose his morals for her and damn himself, they should have tried harder.

On another note, I love that “Running Up that Hill” by Kate Bush is referred to a couple of times in Succubus Heat. I love the song, though I prefer the re-due by Within Temptation. Click here for a taste.

Bottom line:

The affair thing shook me up, I even had to take a break from reading just to breath and calm down. I didn't feel that love drew them, just the animal need of lust and the fact that they never got any when they where together. Roman is back which was great and I loved the mystery surrounding this book. Even though the affair unsettled me, I still couldn't get enough of this book. I really am excited to read the next one. After all Nyx's dream is going to unfold more! However, I would be lying if I didn't say I jump on the next book with a little apprehension.

Sexual Content: It's there, affair, everywhere. And the increased sex feedings as well.

4/5- Great, really enjoyed it.


Kay (Dead Book Darling) said...

Oh, I feel guilty reading this ( as I have only read the first book in the series!) but - despite your whole dislike of the affair business - this kinda perked me up. I had heard of that Seth moved on and I am kinda glad that he hasn't (even if it is all morally!wrong...)

Anyhow, it is also nice to hear that the books stay just as funny - it is the light-hearted humour that I love about Georgina.

Great review!

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Glad you enjoyed the review, I was trying not to be too smothering with my affair hatred.

I'm glad he didn't just get over her either. Georgina's wonderful humor never ends, and that's the way it should stay.