April 5, 2010

Books and Babbles: Lots of Babble and the World of Preorders

Borders has been one of my main shopping centers for books ever since they came in. I loved the 30-45 minute drive to get to the store and see nothing but books. Lately, though—as in the last two years, Borders and I have been having issues. The selection is down and they won't let me use coupons if I order the book to store. They no longer allow me to use two different coupons on two different books. Now they don't even get paperback releases until one to two months after the official release date.

So safe to say I've been trying to avoid them and purchase books online. Sadly, it's a book store, I'm a book shopaholic the addiction just can't be stopped.

So this adventure (yes, I have a purpose with this babble) begins with a new release coming out on April 6th. The Reckoning hits stores and I must have it. In an attempt to get it earlier, or at least put a reserve on a copy, I contacted my local Borders. My politeness was received with a firm “No we will not release that earlier, please utilize are online access to find out the release date.”

 I was fine with that, but then I asked about getting a copy reserved. This is a books store, they do that, have done it for me. So when I asked this is what met me, “We will not be reserving copies for anyone. We only get so many, because we are a small outlet, so first come first serve.” Then the lady had the gull to tell me I could special order a copy, but that I'd have to pay full price. Full price!?

So in anger I looked else where for the book, in my comfort zone online. Not only did Overstock have it (of course they would), but it kicked booty over Borders. With Borders I would have had a 25% off and a $5 Borders buck. Sure the shipping is $2, but it mails out on the release date and I would still get it faster then Borders. So that got me thinking, always a discount, on time releases, no gasping and chanting for paperback releases.

My experiment begins. All of Aprils releases have now been ordered via Overstock. I've never really preordered books, so I take my first steps into the scary world of preordering. Now apparently they like you to preorder, so bigger discounts to behold. I was really shocked by how much I saved, sure one had a 1% save (probably just to beat Amazon ^_-), but the shipping is one flat rate. So instead of driving to Borders calling, nagging, going into frantic hysterics. I will now have my books come to me as they are released.

So be prepared to see my Preordering Adventure, or misadventure (hope I'm not cursing myself there)! I will post the progress so if any of you are interested you can find out what all of this preordering is. Or maybe I'm just doing it for the ranting fulfillment?


LLL808 said...

I have yet to preorder any books or even buy online! =) I really want to venture to do so but I am scared I will buy everything I see!!=)

BTW, WTH is it with Borders.
Unfortunately, in Hawaii they give me the best deals IN Store but if I were to be an online shopper I think online would be better.

Have a good one and I look forward to seeing your goodies!! I'll have to close one eye though so I dont get too jealous!

aka ck.twilighter
@ LLL in the 808

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

No problem. Borders used to give the best deals, because they new I spent outrageous amounts of money. Now it's pretty much all new employess. But I don't have any problems going into other Borders. (But the next closet borders are about 3 hrs away.)

I know what you mean about buying everything. So I've decided to limit myself to just the monthly releases. Nice and safe, and easier to keep track of!