April 19, 2010

Quoting on Monday

Welcome to a new work week. For me I had a sick week last week, so it's like returning from vacation, except for the sick part. (Although some vacations can make you sick too.) So to start things off here's a quote!

 "It's just not my kind of place. Maybe it's because I watched too many cheesy movies, but I always thought high school would be the time when I'd make a zillion friends and some out-of-my-league girl would spend three years ignoring me and then realize that I was the one she had loved all along. I guess you could say I'm still waiting."

 "For the girl to come to her senses?"

"More like the opening credits." -Conversation between Claire and Ian from Dream Girl by Lauren Mechling

 It just tickles me, don't we all expect some kind of cinematic moment when we're in high school? A team of TMNT was always supposed to rescue me from a dull life, oh well.

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