March 1, 2010

Grand Teton and a Book

My family and I have not gone on a drive in so long, it was such a refreshing break to do so on Sunday. So I decided to share some fun pictures!

First up is the awesome Jeep, and the towering snow!

Close to Jakson Hole, Wyoming. The sad thing is the snow is really low for this time of the year

Next up is the lady herself.
It never fails to awe me when ever we go by, or play tourists. There were a lot of cross-country skiers. Personally I think snow shoeing sounds funner.

Since this is a book blog I thought I should some how incorporate it into my little babble.
So here's a book . . . 
 By the Grand Teton! There was only one other car parked at the pull over, some skiers, and they gave me the craziest crazy looks I've ever seen.  I guess I looked pretty strange, plus I was telling the book, "To move over to the left a little."

What did you guys end up doing for your weekend? (Oh, and that is Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding.)

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vvb32 reads said...

LOL - for the last picture commentary. i was a homebody on the weekend.