March 21, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This follows The Story Sirens in my Mailbox meme.

Fish Out of Water (Fred the Mermaid, #3)

I went to the DI yet again this week, the only thing I don't like about shopping there is you'll never get the books in order. So now I've got to keep my eyes open for book one of Davidson's mermaid books, this is  book 3 or 4.
Mira, Mirror

This one looks like fun, it has glowing priase from Holly Black, and a really fun discription.
The Dragon Token (Dragon Star, #2)
Alas another out of order one, this is book 2 of the Dragon Star books. At least I have the first trilogy, so I feel a little comforted.

If you want more details just click on the book and it will take you over to goodreads. Can't wait to see what everyone  else got!


Maria the Bookworm said...

Enjoy your books :)

Sherrie said...

They all look good. I do that all the time. Get books out of sequence. Have a great day!

Just Books

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Love the Mary Janice Davidson one!

ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

I love the Undead series by MJD and I really want to read the Mermaid one after. I hear they are great! I hope you find the other books!=)

LLL in the 808

Lori said...

I hope that you enjoy your books. Happy Reading! Here's mymine

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

I'm crazy obsessing about getting the first book in Davidson's mermaid books. I don't think it's healthy.