June 27, 2011

Author Gossip(2) and Cover Coveting (23)

The weather everywhere else is wacky, but finally it’s stable here.  Sun my friends, sun. 

As you can see I’m a bit short on author gossip, but I did find an interesting post on rape in fiction from author Diana Pharaoh Francis.  I have to be honest after reading her blog post I do feel that rape is used a lot in fiction, and she makes a lot of valid points.  Maybe no one else is interested in this dark topic, but I thought it was interesting enough to share with other readers to get the brain thinking.  (Plus Francis is focusing on The Game of Thrones franchise .)

Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul) Wilson’s new book The Winter King has been a whirl wind of mystery.  The pre-order on Amazon no longer even has a release date.  No one seems to know what is going on with it.  Wicked Scribes sent an email in to the author about it, and got a answer.  Here’s as quoted from the post.

The release date has been pushed back but no date has been decided yet.  I am still working on the book.  I asked in January to have the book pushed back, and they didn’t do it until June, at  which time someone had already sent pre-order info to Amazon.  I’m sorry about the confusion and the delay.

When I turn in the manuscript and have the new release date, I will announce it on my website and social media.


All cover art is not final!!

There are way too many covers here that I’ve missed so I’m doing away with my standard format and putting as many covers here as I can!

German cover Beautiful Creatures:
German cover Beautiful Darkness:Seventeen Moons
This is the UK version: UK-Bloodlines UK Version: UK-SR
German Version:German-SR French version:Fr-Georgina2
Basiliskcover-186x300 Japanese version Changless by Gail Carrigers. changlessjp
abeautifulevil alienproliferation
avengersangle betteroffundead
changlingdawn demonslikeithot
eternalcaptive Everblue
First-Frost-200x300 flashfire
FTandNigh midnightreckoning
            snowwhitebloodread   vengenanceborn
Since I didn’t get to blab I’ll pick a best a worst!!  
Best: Worst:
Everblue withintheflames
It’s so different, plus I have a week spot for girls with read hair. They just take stunning photos.  The pose and the blue starfish are so captivating. I am woman hear my fire roar!!

This is just tacking, I didn’t even have to think hard between this and the torso bearing idiot covers.

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