August 18, 2011

Cha-cha-cha Changes

If you haven't noticed Book Whispers has been a little quiet since this weeks In My Mailbox post. Don't worry I am not going off the radar. Right now I've been updating the site. So far just minor codes and things you can’t see from where you’re sitting.

However, I'm putting this notice up to let readers know the drastic changes are coming. Certain posts are going live. Wednesday Wishes and In My Mailbox post will still be on their scheduled days. However Books and Babbles and Author Gossip will be going live. This will help out with getting news faster.

Also some physical changes will be taking place. The general look will stay the same, because I'm still fond of the logo and background ect. Book Whispers is going two columned so it's not so cluttered. That means more posting space and the sidebar will be bigger! (Which will help to bring attention to more giveaways and interviews that I’m planning.) Also I'll be getting an About page--not really exciting for anyone but me.   The exciting part for you is that a feedback page will be up,  and you can criticize me without giving any of your information.

So changes are coming, hopefully for the better.

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