April 16, 2014

Author Gossip

Normally I do a Wednesday Wishes post, but I decided to shake things up a bit! (And it’s been a long while since I’ve done a AG post!)

Shake, shake, shake!

magicbreaksMagic Steal’s, a novella for the Kate Daniels’ universe is officially completed! Die hard fans will not want to miss it! It will be featured in the anthology Night Shift (Amazon | Goodreads). There are some other amazing authors included in the anthology such as Nalini Singh, Lisa Shearin, and Milla Vane (AKA Meljean Brook). Should be released on November 25th, 2014.

Also, while I’m thinking about Ilona Andrews news. Is anyone else totally jazzed that Kate Daniels’ books 8 to 10 are on Goodreads? I know they said on their blog that it’s official. But somehow seeing them all shiny and waiting makes it real! broken

Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series (Amazon | Goodreads) has been over for a while now. But fans should know that there actually are some deleted scenes of their favorite books. Armstrong just posted about some for Broken (Amazon | Goodreads). Now I used to be one of those readers who hated deleted scenes and short stories. They used to be sad excuses for publisher to make money off of fans. However, I’ve found with many favorite series, and authors, that they can be so valuable. So here they are: “the one about the pregnancy test” and “the one where blood-winterElena & Nick play parents-to-be”.


Horngate Witches series, by Diana Pharaoh Francis, has some exciting news! (Amazon | Goodreads) Seemed as though Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, would not be continuing the series. (Which sadly happens to a lot of good series. T.A. Pratt’s Marla Mason books anyone?) Now Samhain Publishing is officially contracting two more books for the series, which I’ve confirmed on the author’s blog! The titles are Bone Dreams and Stone Thaw, which will be written in 2015. No release dates are being put out there as of yet. Congrats to Francis! (And get well wishes to boy, who’s sadly still sick. Hope he feels better soon.)

Short and sweet, but I figured this was a good start to getting myself back in the swing of these posts. Which I’ve missed so much!

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