July 3, 2014

Books and Babbles: Movie Edition

Only two this time.

First up is one I’m crazy to see, seeing as most of the Dracula “reboots” have been less then stellar.

Personally I’m really excited because it’s a Legendary movie, so that means there’s some real potential. Plus, it looks awesome to me. What do you think will Dracula Untold deliver?

There’s already been a Hercules, The Legend of Hercules, release at the start of the year, and yes I’ve watched it. But this one, featuring Dwayne Johnson has captured my attention. Even the bad taste of  The Legend of Hercules, I feel like this movie may have the potential to deliver.

If this isn’t enough for you check out the other three trailers floating about. Is anyone else disappointed that Hera is never the villain? She was in the original legends. Modern worlds fear of death if you ask me. Funny since death is always such a hot character in the books.

From my fan gushing, it's pretty safe to say that I am a huge fan! This trailer definitely helps to show he dark tones of Marvel’s quirky Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, trailer 1 will always be my favorite. “I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me-“

Yep, finally some book movies. It feels so strange that one of the original dystopians is finally getting its movie. It’s going to be great! (Hopefully.)

The shame that I have yet to actually read The Maze Runner. Looks great though!

Now I’ll end it with The Boxtrolls, I have really loved everything that Laika studio has put out. (If the name pulls up a blank they’re the studio behind Coraline and Paranorman.) Paranorman was pretty awesome to me, and I’m hoping this movie gets more attention.

Any of these movies tickling your fancy? Or are you not feeling any of them?

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