February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Usually I try to do some kind of smart ass thing about it. But this time I want to warm your hearts in our mutual love of books. So Happy Valentine’s Day! With some Valentine Books!


No really. This in my local Shopko right by the Valentine’s Day junk. Seriously. I was over joyed to see it! Yes! Forget chocolates and tacky stuffed animals (all of which I actually love), spread the love of reading!

Actually sent this out to some friends who did not believe me so look below to see!


Right next to those heart shaped choco boxes! Yes!

Is anyone else really happy that 50 Shades is in no way part of the lineup? Any books you think they should have had, or ones you think are right on the money?

Personally I’m really tickled that Sarah Dressen is on there. Though I feel a bit betrayed that PNR isn’t truly represented. Then happy again that there are both adult and young adult titles. It’s actually not to bad of a mix of ages and genres.

Anywho who! Happy Valentine’s Day! However, you spend it.

Spread the love of books!

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