February 6, 2015

Author Gossip: Kresley Cole

Sorry! Another one!! But Cole released a newsletter after my last post, so I’m bumping one and putting this one up! So if you aren’t subscribed to the newsletter, I’m here for you.

Also, keep an eye out! Next week I’m introducing a new feature. It’s coming before Book Whispers’ makeover, but . . . I can’t resist. 

So this is the long awaited Immortals After Dark (Amazon | Goodreads) gossip fans have been salivating for. Personally I’ve been really nervous, it used to be the first news Cole fans got in the Newsletters. Now . . . it feels like ages. And it’s not really . . . news.

However, the positive part that is news:

Early December!

That is the planned release date for the next IAD book! Yeah!!

So the none news is that Cole isn’t releasing which couple is next. The fact is that Cole isn’t sure. She’s writing on more than one story. There’s a lot of arcs and places to go and personally that makes since. I’ve always wondered if she has some kind of giant outline with multiple plot lines overlapping. Because the books do.

From her newsletter, it feels like she has a ton going. Because there is a ton of overlapping. If I think about all the books in the series that overlap, my head spins! Let alone writing all of those! Go Cole!

She is saying that fans will learn more about the Accession and Nix’s mysterious past! Which thrills me as the last book gave fans a cool sneak peak into Nix and the Goddesses of IAD.

So who are you hoping will get the next book? Hmm?

For me it’s a certain twin, despite not liking his brother’s story, that was one heck of cliffhanger!

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