February 5, 2015

Author Gossip: Lish McBride

This is more of a shameful post. But before I get booed remember last year how my blogging suffered and I kind of dropped off of the bookish world for a while. Well I missed a lot of things.

So now that I’m getting things together again I’ve browsing books I missed last year. More importantly I’m trying to find all the shiny new books coming out this year.

After spending about a month adding 2015 releases (so sorry to my Goodreads friends, those were a lot of updates). Then I started looking at some of my favorite authors and how I desperately wanted some new books from them.

So there’s one author I felt horrible for missing especially since I’m foaming at the mouth for the next book from her.

Lish. McBride.

If you’re not familiar with this fabulous author—shame on you!! No. Just kidding.

Not really.

Lish McBride is the author of the fabulous Necromancer books. They’re amazing. When I read Hold Me Closer, NecromancerHold Me Closer, Necromancer (Amazon | Goodreads) I had no idea what I was in for. Especially since it had the old cover on it, cheesy and underwhelming is what I had prejudged the book as. Despite amazing, glowing, and worshipping reviews from many a good Goodreads friend.

So imagine my surprise when Hold Me Closer, Necromancer swept me off my feet. Before I turned to page 5 it was to my delight that this book was . . . FREAKING EPIC. Thank goodness the next book was already coming out in two months. Because McBride had turned me into her devoted follower. After finishing Necromancing the Stone (Amazon | Goodreads) I would have signed away my soul in my own blood for the next entry.

Three years later that is still how I feel. So it’s probably a good thing that for a while I was out of my book obsessing last year. Because the “filler” spot for the third book in the Hold Me Closer, Necromancer newNecromancer series vanished. It’s no longer there on Goodreads.

Instead I was dumbfounded to see some random book for a new series. (Just today, well Saturday is actually when I’m writing this.) Then something like this happen:

Rubs eyes. Heavy breathing starts. Face turns read. Yelling transpires, “Firebug? Firebug!!! WTF! Screw you!”

Frantic pacing begins, followed by what I will grudgingly admit was a stomping fit. (There were witnesses and they assured me that’s exactly what I did.) More yelling. (All right, screamed swear words.) After which I had to sit down with my head between my legs and inform people that I was OK.

It took a few moments for the ray of light to shine down, and the the heavenly music. A new book! It was already out!

So for those of you who have missed it I come bearing the news.

firebugMcBride has a new two book series called Firebug (Amazon | Goodreads) and the first book is already out. It takes place in the same universe as the Necromancer world. It’s just on a different coast. At some point it’s going to tie into the Necromancer books. So hopefully leading up to new ones them.  In the authors own words about the Firebug books:

So the books that are scheduled feature a main character named Ava who is a firebug (she can start fires with her MIND.). Because of what she is, she's been forced to become an assasin for a mob family-style group. I know this doesn't sound funny, but I promise you that it is still a humor based storyline.

So exciting! Because I have total faith that she can make it humorous.

Still I’m a little sad about having to wait longer for more Necromancer books. But here’s the Hold Me Closer, Necromancer newrest of the details:

I am planning on doing another Sam book (the end of Necromancing the Stone is NOT the end of his story at all.) I'm just going to do these first. There are a lot of reasons why we did it this way. Because I hate you and I want you to suffer. Okay, not really. I love you guys. So for the real reasons: First, the publisher would like to see how the Sam books do. Understandable. They also wanted to make sure I got a break. Reasonable. And honestly, I've also been thinking of ways to pull these guys together, and I think that I've come to the conclusion that these stories need to happen first. I think long run you guys will be happy, but I completely understand that to some of you this will bring all the Bad Feels. My apologies for this.

If you want the full post from the author just click here.

So there it is all the information, with my long winded delivery. Do you feel better knowing there will be more?

Personally I’m nervous about this whole “the publisher would like to see how the Sam books do.” Gosh I hope the numbers are good enough for them.

For those of you who have not read these book go forth and do so!! I don’t want another fabulous series to die before it’s time. Though from all the buzz on Goodreads I have a feeling good luck is on McBride’s side.

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