April 22, 2015

Star Wars: The Passion Ignited!

As I mentioned yesterday, all the Star Wars action going on has sparked my love for the series again!

However, I’ve found out some of my friends were unaware. So now I’m spreading the trailer love here.

Here’s the first trailer that dropped last year in November.

Good teaser. But the most recent one is what really sparks up my passion.

The best part is that at the Star Wars Celebration it was announced that there will be more females in the franchise. Kathleen Kennedy made a point of saying that females will have a bigger, and better, roles in the Star Wars verse. Cause let’s be honest not every girl watching identified or cared for Princess Leia or Queen Amidala. Personally I didn’t get Leia until I was older. Even then I’d still choose to be Han Solo on the playground.

So more female characters! Maybe actual warriors, with actual story time? Even villains?

It’s no secret that I left a lot of old school high fantasy authors behind because I got bored of their all male casts and damsels. So to see a franchise I love finally have some decent female characters? I’m there.

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