July 27, 2015

The Arcana Chronicles News!

This dropped last week, but I took Thursday and Friday off so I’m posting this now! It’s from Kresley Cole’s official Newsletter.

It’s been pretty hush, hush lately on Kresley Cole news. And it’s all been the bare minimumpoison-princess or nothing. Especially on The Arcana Chronicles. The fact that there was no news on book 4 for or how many more would be in the series made me nervous. The last young adult series I liked this much got cancelled . . .

However, the Arcana Chronicles have been doing really well, sells speaking. So I kept trying to comfort myself that no publisher would cancel a lucrative series. Right?

Well Cole has dropped the news! The Arcana Chronicles “TV & Motion Picture rights have been optioned by a major studio!!”

So I’m guessing all the delays, on all of Cole’s work, have been due to negotiating that. However, I’d never post for that. Unless there’s an actual official trailer nothing is real. No it’s because finally there’s some reassurances about the Arcana Chronicles BOOKs!


The 4th one doesn’t have a name yet but it will be released in the spring. (Though she didn’t say 2015 . . .  or any year. But assume 2015.) So far it’s official “. . . that there will be a minimum of five installments in the Chronicles.”

Personally I do not think that is enough books to finish thedead-of-winter tangled games that are the Arcana Chronicles. Or if it is the Cole’s plan I feel like it’s going to end up feeling rushed. The fact that Cole is sticking with the lead female throughout the series has made her have to reach outside of her normal formula and come up with other elements. I’ll be sad to see it end, especially since all of  Cole’s other books/series are suffering from her “Standard Cole Formula”.

So what do you guys think? Interested in seeing the Arcana books into a TV show or movie? Do you think 5 books are enough or that there will (should) be more?

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