December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions, Bibliophile Style

So it's the end of the year! What!? Happy New Year everyone!
For my last post of the year I decided to end it with my goals from last year, and the ones for this year.

books read
1. Read more! Read 100 books and more!
Oops. *sighs* You know I didn't make it. But a Goodreads friend pointed out to me that it wasn't a bad reading year. Heck, my average rating was 3.6! Not too shabby.

my average rating for 2015

So this year I'm sticking with my goal of 100 books, with wishful thoughts of going past that. This year I'm not going to care whether they're shorts, comics, manga, or what. This year was busy-busy, and I just didn't have the energy to read as much. I think I put too much pressure on reading the "right kind" of books. Sometimes you need a little short something, or pretty pictures, to perk up your read pile.
2. Catch up on series and finish some!
Well poor Cal Leandros series didn't get touched this year. Nor did I finally move on past book 4 for the Cassandra Palmer series. However! I made progress on a number of other series both Adult and Young Adult. I finally did the reread of the Mercy Thompson books to get myself up to my reread of the Alpha & Omega books! So I can read the books I missed when the series switched to hardback!

I feel pretty accomplished on this goal, and I'm gonna push into the New Year. My main goal though is to finally push past book one of the Cal Leandros! To push past my fear that nothing can compare to the first book Nightlife!
3. Mix up my genres!

I read one Steampunk series, a little sci-fi/dystopian series , dabbled in a few erotica titles, Paranormal Romance, some high fantasy, and lots of Urban Fantasy. Not too bad. Considering how little I read, I feel accomplished.

So my goal is more Steampunk! I really have been enjoying the Steampunk Chronicles. I'm going to try and mix some more genre in there as well.
4. Post reviews for every book read!
Again not too shabby! I've got pretty much all of them written, but sadly not posted. Especially with Open Live Writer taking over and having soooooo many glitches.

Still I'm very happy! Every time I read a book I promptly write my review, or some basic thoughts, so that I can at least keep up that way. Even if I can't get things to work out to upload posts!!
5. Read more Young Adult titles!
Actually it ended up being read an adult title, then young adult, then adult, then young adult. Repeat, repeat, and repeat. I stuck with that format until about August. When I got reading burn out! Then I just read whatever struck my fancy.

I think the format I was trying to do was too much. I've always been a random reader. So now I'd still like to read adult and YA, but I'm not going to force it. Instead my new goal is:

5. More challenges!

Actually I did really good in 2014! I didn't put them on my list for last year, but I went for it! I do really bad at challenges so I thought by not putting them on as a resolution I wouldn't jinx myself.
The Girl in the Steel CorsetWhile I didn't complete every challenge, I still did great. Even finishing my very first A to Z challenge!

This year I'm going to push just to do about the same. What can I say, I'm a no pressure kind of reader.

6. Utilizing my DNF (did not finish) powers.

Honestly I didn't have to do it too much this year. But when I did it saved me from having a bad reading year, along with a low number of books read. Some of them I wasn't in the mood for and I might go back.
However, as I'm reading an ARC of a certain book I'm battling with my need—compulsion—to finish the nice free book I got. With the fact that if I had bought this book I'd be pissed at the waste of money. I feel bad if I don't give a book a chance. I feel even worse if it's an Advanced Readers Copy that I requested! Makes me feel even worse then if I bought it.

Crazy right?

But that's the life of a reader.

7. Have fun while reading!

What? You're joking Shera. Reading is always so much fun.

Thing is when you blog and review it can become a chore. I've found myself feeling guilty for not keeping up with a series, not keeping up on ARCs, feeling like I should be reading more, and on-and-on. And with some trouble with plagiarism it can be tiring!

Especially when real life can compound on it. But hey! Reading is fun! I know it's why I've been rereading a lot of books. Because before I felt guilty for taking the time to reread books I'd already read. (See the pattern?)

Another thing that has helped is getting back more on Goodreads and chatting with other readers about books. Doing buddy reads!!

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