December 17, 2015

Open Live Writer Crap.

It's become obvious to me that since Open Live Writer was launched we're currently the beta testers.

Make users have to load it as Windows Live Writer no longer works and voila! Tons of unwilling beta testers. New issues keep popping up after one issue is solved. I do have some posts coming out but sadly everything post dates to 1pm of that day. And you can't. So expect weird posting for a while. I'll try to keep my content flowing, but I might take a break until they can figure all this stuff out. Blogging about books is my fun hobby, and I don't like to be made at it. Especially because of an "upgrade" that feels like someone is making me hit myself in the face.

The most annoying thing is that they're missing a ton of feature! I can't believe that they would launch something that they do not have all the features of the last product.

Or I might just make the choice to switch to bloggers posting service. It's a bit more work, but so is Live Writer now.

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