March 16, 2016

Wednesday Wishes

Well I have another cold. Hope everyone else is fairing the cold flu season better.

So I dug into my Future Purchases shelves and for a poor lost soul!

Premonitions by Jamie Schultz

19486429Get it: Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Arcane Underworld, book 1


It’s the kind of score Karyn Ames has always dreamed of—enough to set her crew up pretty well and, more important, enough to keep her safely stocked on a very rare, very expensive black market drug. Without it, Karyn hallucinates slices of the future until they totally overwhelm her, leaving her unable to distinguish the present from the mess of certainties and possibilities yet to come.

The client behind the heist is Enoch Sobell, a notorious crime lord with a reputation for being ruthless and exacting—and a purported practitioner of dark magic. Sobell is almost certainly condemned to Hell for a magically extended lifetime full of shady dealings. Once you’re in business with him, there’s no backing out.

Karyn and her associates are used to the supernatural and the occult, but their target is more than just the usual family heirloom or cursed necklace. It’s a piece of something larger. Something sinister.

Karyn’s crew, and even Sobell himself, are about to find out just how powerful it is… and how powerful it may yet become.

I can't believe I completely forgot about this book, or the series. I've posted some of the covers for a while back, December actually for book 3!

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