March 22, 2016

Author Gossip: Arcana Chronicles News & New Cover!

I didn't see a do not share on Kresley Cole's Newsletter, but I still waited just in case. Here's the latest new on her Arcana series (YIPEE!) and an actual release schedule!

Though I'm not going to believe any of the dates/rough time table is it. You know, release dates change. All the time.

Straight from Cole's newsletter: day zero

I've always wanted to explore the apocalypse from different characters' points of views and reveal how they entered the game.

In DAY ZERO, we'll meet new Arcana who'll be very influential in the upcoming books, and we'll see how some of the players we already love/hate survived the Flash. I can't wait for you guys to read about Aric, Lark, Gabriel, Spite, Richter, and more!

TV Series: Fingers crossed we'll have some great news soon! 

I'll leave you guys with a sneak peek at the DAY ZERO draft cover. Love!

As promised the release shedule:


THE PLAYER - The Game Maker Series, April 12

DAY ZERO - An Arcana Chronicles Novella, Summer

BLOOD RED KISS - Anthology with Gena Showalter and Larissa Ione, Sept 20


SHADOW'S SEDUCTION - A Dacians/Immortals After Dark Novella, Feb 2017 

IAD #17 - March 2017 (Title TBA)

OK, so that's a new cover. For a new Arcana book. Goodreads has it marked as 3.5 in the series. Than book 4. Well there's no page count. I have a feeling this will not be a short. Nope. In fact, I feel like this is a Kate Daniel's Gunmetal Magic or The Lunar Chronicles' Fairest.

That leads my to wonder if she will go back to the main story? That's what I'm afraid of. I am excited about the prospect of getting to know other Arcana cards. HOWEVER. I do not want to have the main story left behind and all these other stories with open stories.

I love the Immortals After Dark series, but she teases. There are so many open stories and . . . that's one of the reasons I love the Arcana books. It brought all the best of Cole's writing and then made her have to stick with the leads and flesh out a story for a long while.

Also, if it is a full book that's cruel to leave us on that cliffhanger. Really cruel. Though if she sticks to the tentative schedule it won't be so bad.

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