October 8, 2010

Lips Don’t Lie: Author Gossip

As a reader I always want the download on what's going on with authors. Do they have new books coming out, how’s the latest tour going, any thing juicy! So, I decided to bring the news to my readers. I'm lurking around all of those author blogs anyway, might as well do something productive.

General Gossip:

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)

It looks like Wicked Lovely, by author Melissa Marr, is going to be made into a movie!  Currently it’s in a definite stage, we’ve long since moved paced the “Optioned for a Movie” phase that seems to be happening with a lot of YA books lately.  Marrs has already met with the producers (Wild West Picture Show Productions) and the very cool screenwriter Caroline Thompson.  (For everyone not  familiar with Caroline, she did Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, The Secret Garden, and City of Ember, ext.)  Kimberly Peirce is going to be the director, with "Boys Don't Cry" and "Stop-Loss" under her belt.  They’ve already read up to book 5 and things are definitely going fast!  Marrs has already read the script and she gives it her approval.  Author post.

Photobucket If you haven’t heard about this be prepared to find out what you’re missing. Authors Kelly Meding, Lara Adrian, Stacia Kane, Harry Connolly, and Lucy A. Snyder take turns writing a chapter of A Glimpse of Darkness, once a week a chapter is released.  Each new chapter is based on what you the reader wants. So the hottest authors are working together to give you exactly what you want to read.  So far we’re up to chapter 3, join in the fun here.

Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, #1)

You’re a huge Harrison fan, right?  You own all of her books, go to all the signing you can, maybe even stalk her from afar.  Well now you can really show your support with the Hollows merchandise.  All of the products have Harrisons seal of approval.  So go ahead and check out the new and improved Vampiric Charms.

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Lauren Kate


Finally Debrah Cooke has released more info on her YA series!  So no we get a hot new cover, and a book description!  Woot-woot!

Zoë Sorensson is perfectly normal – well, as normal as a girl with an obsession with drawing dragons can be. The thing is that she’s always been told she’s special and destined for great things. It’s not just because of her good grades, either. Zoë’s the Wyvern, the one female dragon shapeshifter with special powers. But Zoë is at the bottom of the class when it comes to being Pyr and her powers are AWOL. Worse, there’s no reference book to consult and the last Wyvern is dead…

Everything changes when Zoë’s best friend is bullied and Zoë reacts. Before she can blink twice, her inner dragon is loose, she’s suspended from school and  headed to a boot camp for the Pyr guys she’s known all her life. But soon she’s doubting her powers—and even some of her friendships.

Zoë quickly realizes  that she has to master her powers yesterday – the Pyr are in danger and boot camp is a trap. The Mages want to eliminate all shifters and  the Pyr are next in line—unless Zoë and her friends can solve the riddle, work together and save their own kind…

FLYING BLIND goes on sale June 2011. The ISBN# is 978-0-451-23388-2

I know I’ve been curious about Cookes’ other work, and I’m eagerly awaiting her YA series!!

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