October 18, 2010

Lips Don’t Lie: Author Gossip

As a reader I always want the download on what's going on with authors. Do they have new books coming out, how’s the latest tour going, any thing juicy! So, I decided to bring the news to my readers. I'm lurking around all of those author blogs anyway, might as well do something productive.

As promised, now that I’m back from my vacation in the land of ruralness, Lips Don’t Lie is posted in place of Books and Babbles.  Plus I’ll still post LDL on Friday as usual.  Ah, hope you all had a great weekend.

General Gossip:


Idon’t know why but I thought Thurman’s Chimera was a stand alone read.  However, I’m pleased to announce that there’s going to be another book.  The more Thurman there is, the happier I’ll be! 

Thurman posted that Basilisk will be the next book in the series, the title may change—not likely though. 

And so…I decided to give CHIMERA fans a sneak peek at the sequel (tentatively titled BASILISK…if you don’t know why then re-read CHIMERA, look for a clue, and Wiki it if you still don’t know.) It’s from Michael’s POV instead of Stefan’s. I wanted to see him discover what it’s like to be a genuine person…not a kid raised to be an assassin in the Institute. It’s a very different POV as Stefan is an ex-Russian mafioso and Michael, Stefan’s kidnapped brother, is a trained (but utterly reluctant) assassin with no knowledge he can remember of the outside world. This is two and a half years later when Michael and Stefan have settled in a small town, hiding from the Mafiya and the Institute and Michael thinks that as a genius and trained killer (he keeps the trained part and discards the killer portion completely) that he is adjusting very well to the world. Stefan might disagree.

This excerpt is from Chapter 3, not the beginning of the book, as I want to see the reaction to Michael as he’s now nineteen going on twenty and more confident than perhaps he should be. Enjoy.

Click here to read the excerpt.  Author Post.

Grave Witch (Alex Craft, #1)

With all the buzz going on around Grave Witch I’ve been pretty much been falling over any thing about it.  So if you’ve been hearing great things about this book check out some of the book tours that Kalayna Price is doing.   There are still a couple coming up, but check out some of the old ones.  Price definitely shows of her wit in all of these interviews.

      10/16: Fresh Fiction
      10/26: Fang-tastic Fiction
    You’ve been waiting patiently for Richelle Meads’ Last Sacrifice right?  Or if you’re like me you’ve been obsessing about it, counting down the days, and already have the book pre-ordered. Well here’s some Vampire Academy goodies to help with this deadly wait.  So here’s what Mead is saying about the goodies:

    va-athleticshirtArcane Vault
    Arcane Vault is the authorized dealer for VA shirts, bookmarks, and keychains. They recently revealed that they've got hoodies coming out soon, and I also got a sneak peek of some really, really gorgeous shirts coming out later this winter. Shirts that I wish were in my closet RIGHT NOW.
    Their product line is on their main website, but they also run a great Facebook page where they interact with fans, get feedback on future products, and run contests.
    AV ships internationally.

    cadsawanvaCadsawan Jewelry
    Cadsawan is the authorized seller of VA jewelry and carries all sorts of necklaces,  earrings, and bracelets featuring the various tattoos from the series. They also have roses and nazars and will soon reveal element charms too. Through October, Cadsawan is running a deal where you can get 15% off your purchase with this discount code: RMVA15 Cadaswan also ships internationally.

    darkswanposter Sea Lion Books
    Sea Lion is the publisher of the Storm Born graphic novel. That doesn't come out until next year, but in the meantime, their artists have been turning out all sorts of cool stuff. One of them is this poster of Eugenie and Dorian, all tangled up! If you follow the above link to Sea Lion's page and then click on the image, it will show you a larger image and give you stats on cost and size of the print poster. Awesome stuff.
    So, I hope these guys can help pass the time until December! And for me, it's back to work.

    Really excited about the hoodies for VA. The art for the Darkswan series has very cool design ideas, but I still think it's kind of ugly. The Better Part of Darkness (Charlie Madigan, #1)

    I’ve been a bit worried that there weren’t any other Gay books on the horizon.  goodreads didn’t have any books posted with title and cover to be announced or anything!  Gay is finally putting me out of my misery. 

    Gay’s editor and Pocket books, have decided to publish two more books in the series.  The title for book 3 has already been released: The Hour of Dust and Ashes.  Are you getting chills? I am! Author Post.

    New Covers:

    This is the latest cover for Bree Despain’s Dark Divine.  That is the Taiwanese version.  So beautiful, it hurts.

    I still like the American cover.

    The Dark Divine (The Dark Divine, #1)

    I’ve been really curious about this book.  Especially with a name like this, The Demon Trapper’s Daughter.  Oh, I feel the awesomeness.  The cover is pretty awesome too.


    Author Wit:

    I’ve decided there are a lot of fun posts by authors.  While this is more of a news post I want' to share a fun post (or occasionally posts) that our clever authors have come up with.

    Personally I’ve been a little funky today, the whole thing with getting back into the groove after coming back from vacation.  So the only way to get into the groove is to check out one of Katie MacAlister famous hot guy post.   Say hello to Raphael.  Hmmmmm.  Check more of him out on the author’s site, here.


    I’ll see you all again for another LDL post on Friday!!


    Dazzling Mage said...

    Hell-o~ Raphael. *_*

    Great post! I love the artwork for Dark Swan, and WOW at the cover for The Dark Divine. Really beautiful!

    Shera (Book Whispers) said...

    Yes, Raphael has that effect on me too!

    I don't know what it is, but I love and hate the art work for Dark Swan. Oh, yes the Dark Divine cover is so pretty!! I almost wish I could get that cover, but then I love the USA cover as well. Can I have both?