October 31, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I get to show of my goodies for the week! Sunday Sweets I also like to tell you where I found them, what kind of deals are up for grabs. Occasionally I'll even try a different method of buying books to see if it's faster and cheaper somewhere else. (This post also follows The Story Sirens' weekly meme, In My Mailbox.) At the moment I'm a poor college student so you might not see this post every Sunday. If it's not there, that means the book gods have frowned upon me.

Only got two books this week, all bought at  Borders.

Harvest Hunting (Sisters of the Moon, #8) This is my guilty pleasure. I like to call it my "paranormal Soap Opera."   Delilah is my fav of the sisters.  I’ve noticed a pattern where I’ll stop after reading her book and wait for her next one to come out before I read the other two sisters.  What can I say, I have a favorite sister!



Return to Paradise (Leaving Paradise, #2)After really liking Leaving Paradise, I decided I had to have Return to Paradise. Apperantly my gr pals are saying book 2 is way better then book 1. Personally, this is the last book our fairy tale ending has to be here.



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