December 3, 2012

Book Whispers’ first tour!

Well it’s finally time! Everyone knows I’m a pretty laid back blogger, but I’ve always secretly wanted to throw a Tour, not just be a tour stop. The fabulous Jen from Eternally Books finally motivated me enough to actually do it! She even came up with the Winter Solstice theme, which I love. Because where I’m from we only observe it as the shortest day and longest night of the year. It was fantastic looking into how other cultures celebrate the Winter Solstice.
So now I’m asking all of my wonderful readers to help spread the word. There are some amazing authors who got on board for this and I want to give them as much exposure as possible! Not only have they agreed to interviews, but they’re giving away tons of goodies!

So grab the button to help spread the celebration! (Found in the side bar and bottom of this page!)

Solstice Celebrations with:
Date: Author: Blog: Giveaway:
December 7th -   Intro
December 8th Lia Davis EB Click here.
December 9th Andy Monk BW Click here.
December 10th AC Warneke EB Click here.
December 11th P.T. Michelle BW Click here.
December 12th H.P. Mallory EB Click here.
December 13th Willow Rose BW Click here.
December 14th Suzanne McLeod EB Click here.
December 15th S.B. Rodgers BW Click here.
December 16th  Celine Chatillon EB Click here.
December 17th Chelsea Fine BW Click here.
December 18th Liz Strange EB Click here.
December 19th Amy Joy Lutchen BW Click here.
December 20th     Winners!
December 21th All authors!   Celebrate
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Winter Solstice Tour hosted by Book Whispers & Eternally Books!

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