December 13, 2012

Winter Solstice Event: Interview & Giveaway Willow Rose

Winter Solstice Tour hosted by Book Whispers & Eternally Books!

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Shera (Book Whispers): In your own words, introduce yourself.

Willow Rose: I'm 36, mother of two young girls and a stepmother of a boy and a girl. I live insavage Florida, but am originally from Denmark. We moved to the US 3 years ago because we had always dreamt about living in a warmer place.

BW: Just looking at your author page on Goodreads you write a lot of genres besides paranormal. (Touching base in mysteries, thrillers, horrors ext.) What is your favorite genre to write in?

WR: I love all genres, that's why I write all kinds. I started out as a mystery-writer and had three books published back in Denmark by a major publishing house there. They are all translated into several languages but not yet to English. Later when I began writing my books in English I started trying out different genres and I love to change between them. When I have been writing in one genre for a few months then I desperately need to write something completely different. Like when I've been writing horror novels for awhile I badly need to write something romantic. In that way I'm never bored or sick of what I'm writing. It's new all the time. I enjoy that immensely.

Broken ebookBW: Savage, the first book in Daughters of the Jaguar, attracted my attention to your writing, and it looks like many readers have been swept off their feet with it. What is it about Daughters of the Jaguar that is so different from other animal shifter books out there?

WR: Daughters of the jaguar is just a beautiful story with wonderful characters. It's a great love-story with big emotions. I loved writing the first two books in the series because their lives and stories grabbed me. They are at one point so realistic yet it is still a supernatural story. But we all know the choices they have to make and people don't always make the choices that we wish they would. And what we don't realize is that the decisions we make early in life end up meaning a great deal later in life.

BW: Daughter of the Jaguar takes place in 1983, what made you to decide on that decade to tell the story?

WR: I wanted the three books to cover three decades of the character's lives. I chose 1983Beyond-ny because the first book is slightly inspired by my husband's adventures in '83. He left Denmark to go to Florida and live with a very wealthy family. Just like Christian in the book. Plus I love the 80'ies. Who doesn't?

BW: Broken is the second in the Daughters of the Jaguar series, what made you decide to take it ten years into the future?

WR: That was the plan from the beginning. I wanted it to be like a saga where we follow the characters through big events in their lives. In that way I think we get to know them really good and understand them better. The third book will take place in '03.

the eyeBW: You have another paranormal series, Afterlife, which is young adult. Beyond is the first book, and from the excerpt it sounds like there will be Angels involved. Angels have really taken the YA world by storm, what can readers expect from Beyond that makes it stand out from the rest?

WR: Beyond is a book about a girl who dies and wakes up in a new world. She has this new body that she doesn't know how works, and that is what they are going to teach her at the Academy, the school where she is going to stay at for three years. The Angels teach people all about the Afterlife and how to fly (even through tornadoes and walk on rainbows etc.) It's a love story in a fantasy-world about life after death.

BW: On the original Beyond cover there’s a catch phrase “Death is Only the Beginning” and it’s true when Endurance-ebook-cover-nyMeghan wakes up and is another world. What gave you the idea for the Afterlife of the series?

WR: I loved writing about magic and new worlds and my husband told me he thought I should write about life after death. "What could be more magical than that?" he asked. I couldn't agree more.

BW: When you're in a writing jam, is there a particular author you look to for inspiration? One that makes you ask, "What would ‘insert author's name here’ do?"

WR: I have always loved Anne Rice and Isabel Allende, but there are many writers I look to for inspiration. In a jam I normally take a walk, though. Fresh air always clears my mind and helps me solve the problem.

BW: What can readers look forward to seeing from you? Are you writing more books for the Serenity-nyDaughters of the Jaguar and Afterlife series?

WR: I will be writing a third book and probably also a book about Aiyana, the female character in the book. I want to write about her childhood and teenage-years when she first discovered who and what she really was. That could be really interesting. But right now I'm writing a YA-paranormal suspense-novel called "I am Wolf". It'll probably be out by the end of January.

BW: For you personally, not your characters, between a vampire love interest and a werewolf love interest which do you prefer? (What team are you on? Team Vampire or Team Werewolf.)

WR: I'm definitely a wolf-lover. I love the shape-shifter theme. I love the idea of the beast inside of us all getting out. Plus I prefer my men hairy and warm-blooded.

BW: Go wild! Let us know something funny about you, share something that's on your mind, or anything else that's important about your books.

WR: I don't know if it is funny or even interesting to anyone else than me, but I have actually written ten books in less than eighteen months. And English is my second language by the way :-) Good thing I have a great editor!

BW: Huge thanks to Willow Rose for participating in this tour as well as giveaway some goodies!

willowroseAbout the author

I am a Paranormal Romance, fantasy and mystery/horror/thriller writer. I am originally from Denmark but currently living in Florida, USA.

I am the author of the Afterlife-series. It is a Y/A Paranormal Romance-novel for the young reader with a twist of both fantasy and mystery in it. Currently I have released three books in the series, Beyond, Serenity and Endurance. They are both available on, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, etc. and as paperback if you prefer that.

I have also written a mystery-novel called One, Two... He is coming for you, and a fantasy novel called The Eye of the Crystal Ball.

Latest I have released the first two books in a new series called Daughters of the Jaguar. The first book Savage is out now and so is the sequel Broken. It is a shapeshifter/paranormal romance series for the adult reader over 16 years of age.

Right now I am working on a sequel to my mystery/horror thriller "One, Two ... He is coming for you".

Don't hesitate to contact me either here on Goodreads, twitter, on Facebook or my blog.


There will be two winners! First place wins a copy of Savage and Broken. Second place will win a copy of Beyond! Giveaway is open internationally, ends December 19th.


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