December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice Tour hosted by Book Whispers & Eternally Books!

It’s finally here! If we all survive the day, here’s what this special day means to some of the authors from our Tour.

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What does the Winter Solstice mean to you?

When I think of the Winter Solstice, I think of the experience I had while visiting the famous passage tomb in Ireland called Newgrange. Newgrange isn't as well known as Stonehenge, but it's certainly older (5,000 years old!) and it's FAR more interesting. Newgrange is a Megalithic passage tomb that is buried underground and is precisely and mathematically aligned with the sun for about fifteen minutes, one day a year. On the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st) during sunrise, the light will shine through a small window at the entrance of the tomb, snaking all the way down the long passageway that leads underground, where it'll light up the huge ceremonial chamber inside. It is truly an amazing sight to witness...even with artificial light. There's a lottery to witness it real time on Dec 21st each year (and that's ONLY if it's sunny!). Here's more on Newgrange (including pictures of it) if you're interested: Michelle

Wow! That’s amazing, and sounds way cooler the Stonehenge

It reminds me of my homeland Denmark. It
reminds me of the darkness at this time of year and how happy I am that I live in Florida
now where every day is a potential beach day. I love the sun and desperately need it all
year around! – Willow Rose

You’re just rubbing it in, it’s so cold and dark here! Send me to Florida please.

*in unison*

Becky: Christmas!!!
Sara: Dancingnakedinthewoods!!!

*Becky stares at Sara for a moment, then wordlessly gets up and walks away*

Sara: What? What?! – S.B. Rodgers

High-five Sara!! I feel ya girl! If I see any other woodland streakers I’ll check to see if it’s you.

The Winter Solstice, to me, is about “the moment”—that moment when you willfully open your heart to the next phase of your life. My advice: cherish each and every “moment,” for inspiration can never really be planned. It has its own agenda. - Amy Joy Lutchen

That’s beautiful!

It’s probably time for me to start thinking about doing some Christmas shopping… – Andy Monk

Good luck with those lines!

Happy Solstice!

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