December 7, 2012

Winter Solstice Tour Introduction

It’s finally here! My nerves are fried, but I’m still extremely excited over all the fun that’s going to be happening over this 2 week event! Huge thanks to all of the authors that are helping with the event.

For a long while I've been wanting to do some kind of Tour here at Book Whispers. However, time gets away and we all know I'm somewhat of a laid back blogger (AKA lazy!). So when Jen from Eternally Books came a long and asked me if I wanted to host a tour with her I was onboard. Best thing was it was set for October, a Halloween Tour. Life came along pushing things back, and the tour kept getting bumped of my list of things to do.

Until Jen stated that she wanted to do a Winter Solstice tour! Honestly the only thing I knewlucia4-718507 about Winter Solstice is that it's the shortest day and longest night of the year and that it was the final date in the Mayan calendar this year. Where I'm at celebrating the Solstice is not a big deal at all. Then plunging in I saw all the other cultures that do celebrate it, and it was amazing!

I loved the idea of a universal holiday that keeps the hope going and family's together, whether it goes by a different name, with different deities, and concepts. Sure most of the information I found was from Wiki, but learning about other cultures’ beliefs always fascinates me.

Book Whispers is proud to spread the Solstice joy and spread the love outside of a scientific stand point. Over the next two weeks Book Whispers and Eternally Books are going to have some amazing authors helping to spread the joy and the giving!

To find out about the magic of Winter Solstice check out the wiki page, my favorite happens to be the Scandinavian one Saint Lucy's Day! Or step on over to Eternally Books and find out what the Solstice means to her.

Get all the information on how the Tour works and who will be stopping by here.

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