January 13, 2015

Awesome! Cover Coveting & Author Gossip!

Well! Well! Well! (Maleficent moment.) Kelly Gay, AKA Kelly Keaton, happens to be one of my favorite authors! I’ve been frantically stalking for information about her Charlie Madigan series (Goodreads | Amazon). It’s made me nervous as she’s always planned to have more books after the 4th one in the series. But poor Gay has been “currently awaiting news on additional books” and I’ve been nervous since the last one came out 2012. (Because I WANTS IT SO BAD!)

Then her YA series Gods & Monsters (Goodreads | Amazon), under Kelly Keaton, was last released in 2013. So now to the whole point of my rambling.

Drumroll please!


That’s right! Behold the cover for book 4! But there’s more! Here’s the blurb:


Set in New 2, a dangerous and lush alternate New Orleans, the fourth book in Keaton’s Gods & Monsters series, finds the God-killer Ari and Mistborn Sebastian on the hunt for Archer, infant son of Athena, a child fated to bring about the Blood Wars, the ultimate showdown between the gods and the monsters they created, a war that will trap mankind in the middle of a destructive conflict thousands of years in the making.

As Ari and Sebastian attempt to rescue the child, forces pull them apart, sending Sebastian on a perilous journey to the desert sands of Egypt and into the lair of a dark, enthralling entity, and Ari to the Halls of Olympus and, darker still, the very heart of the Underworld where Death awaits with a bargain that brings Ari’s worst nightmares into sharp and heart wrenching focus…

What amazes me the most is that Kelly Keaton is self publishing this! In between her daughter’s hip surgery. So in the likely hood of Keaton/Gay reading this. Thank you! Thank you for giving fans more of such a wonderful series. And I hope everything go well with your daughters hip surgery and recovery!

Hope you all are as excited as me! Because I’m ecstatic.

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